Me & Daddy took the mini Constants to Thurleigh Farm Centre today and Noah was in his element, he went for a ride on a tractor, a fire engine, played in the soft play centre, played in the playground, saw the animals and fed the animals and he also got to find the Gruffalo in the woods. When we went on the Gruffalo Walk to the Wacky Woods he was astonished, you can see it in his facial expression…


As part of the timetabled activities throughout the day, you take a tractor ride over to the Wacky Woods and when you get there Farmer Mark gets his Gruffalo book and the little Mouse who leads you through the woods on a story telling journey through the Gruffalo story. I was super excited and Daddy really enjoyed it too, but Noah, he was loving it. He was amazed at all the different parts of the story that came to life and he especially loved the way the story had come to life.


First up, we met the Fox. He was hiding by his hole in the ground and as the story progresses Farmer Mark gets one of the crowd to pull a string and Fox pops back in his house to hide from the supposed Gruffalo. It was really funny and Noah was amazed that Fox had gone.


We carried on walking through the deep dark woods and came across owl, who was hiding a little further on. When owl got scared of the Gruffalo, he flies up into his owl house, up in the tree. It was really good the way it all worked, I was really impressed with the efforts that had been gone to, to make the story come to life.


Last but by no means least, we found Snake who was slithering around his log pile house. Snake hid inside his log pile house when he found out the Gruffalo was coming.


So, did we find the Gruffalo?? Did he have big claws, purple prickles all over his back and knobbly knees with turned out toes?


Oh, and a wart at the end of his nose??


There he is!


It was good because Gruffalo got involved with the story telling at the end and said all the Gruffalo parts, it worked really well and little Noah was very happy we found the Gruffalo.



He had this expression the whole time, it is the QUIETEST I have ever seen him… I think we need to go to the Wacky Woods and find the Gruffalo more often.


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Last Update: Saturday, 25th May 2013