This evening we had a little family scoot around our town, with a very special mission in mind.

My beautiful friend @gembro82 has started off a very long and colourful snake. The idea is you decorate a rock and add it to the snake. 🐍 Over the past 2 weeks its grown to over 400 rocks.

We loved it. It’s quite moving seeing all of these rocks, #rainbow themed or character themed. It shows just how many children are sitting at home missing their friends and that interaction.

It also demonstrates how we can support each other and work together through these daunting times.

Do you have a #SnakeRock near you? Or, do you have something similar?


This evening we had a...

Would you believe me when I tell you this was this morning? It was. It was directly in-between 2 rather scary looking rain clouds that unleashed their power!

The kiddies didn’t mind. They loved splashing around in the river, despite us warning them the weather would be changing very soon. Thankfully the blustery rain showers were short, albeit powerful.

The kiddies love this spot. They’ve asked to go every single day since they discovered it. I see it being a popular choice over the Summer.

This was taken with my phone. I am completely in #love with the camera on this phone. I love the fact I can take clear, vibrant and detailed photos whenever I have my phone with me.

Have you got a favourite spot that you visit more frequently than before lockdown?


Would you believe me when...

A great way to spend some time whilst waiting for the best delivery of your life! It was fun watching the kiddies play this game; daddy had to find the kiddies on the trampoline. I love how vibrant the colours are in this photo. Especially the #orange opening.

It seems easy but it’s quite disorienting. The kids love it. I love the anticipation of when Daddy will get them!

Our big delivery was our garden furniture. I’ll post some photos when it’s not quite so windy. The wind blew the cushions all over the place this afternoon. Our rather large patio is looking like a cosy spot to spend the summer now!

I’m hoping we’ll get in some chill time this weekend, enjoy our garden and just be safe at home.

What are you up to this weekend?


A great way to spend...

We are very excited to announce a fabulous competition with @toysforapound_ - they are giving away 2 bundles of 25 toys for 2 of my followers.

The kiddies had fun going through all the toys, there is a great choice of toys too. Something for everyone: including little ones. Or even the grown ups.

Enter on the blog, link in bio or check out my competition stories. You’ve got to be in to win it!

#Quicktip if you want to impress the kids this summer order a bundle of toys from @toysforapound_ - they were amazed with the amount of goodies in the box!

If you want a 10% discount code, please use CONSTANT10, this will work once per customer!

Good luck! #mummyphotoaday

We are very excited to...

I had precisely 30 minutes of sunshine this evening to test out my new iPhone camera. I absolutely love it.

The photos I have taken are stunning. The quality of the colour and the light, the fun angles of the new lens. I took this photo by accident, I adore it.

It’s world #bee day today and when I was taking this photo all of a sudden I noticed 5 or 6 buzzing around me collecting the pollen. 🐝 They fascinate me.

I can see I am going to have a lot of fun with this new phone... Anyone else have any cool tips for the new iPhone?


I had precisely 30 minutes...

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, this week, and the topic is KINDNESS. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing, but the effects of being kind to someone can have many benefits. I would definitely say cost vs value, value wins every time! 🤣 I think that kindness is more important at the moment as everyone needs that extra lift to make them smile.

Smiling releases hormones, endorphins, which makes us feel happy and also helps to reduce stress. So, it’s a good circle: be kind to someone - make them smile - make yourself feel happy in the process.

On Sunday Hubby showed me kindness when he took the kiddies out for a bike ride and gave me some time on my own. I needed the headspace as I’ve felt frazzled over the last 2 months. He knew that, subconsciously, and knew that taking the kiddies out would make a difference to my day. It did.

I smiled. I painted. I chilled. I felt happier.

In honour of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek - I want to spread a little kindness in my teeny square part of the world!

Comment on this photo and I will reply to you with kind words, which will hopefully make you smile.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.


It’s Mental Health Awareness Week,...

I find I spend most of my days, at the moment, just watching these 2. When they are friends, they are the best of friends. They have the most bizarre conversations and talk about the most random things. But I love listening to that!

One of my #projects over this lockdown period is to get our garden into tip top shape for Summer and another is to take more photos. I love taking photos, it’s my favourite hobby and I’m looking forward to trying out the new iPhone 11 camera at the end of the week.

This photo was taken with my iPhone 8 Plus. I think it takes amazing photos. So I can only imagine the 11 will be better! 💛 Have you seen my iPhoneography tips on the blog?

Do you have any Summer, lockdown, projects?


I find I spend most...

We’ve been busy little bees 🐝 today! The kiddies got through 95% of their schoolwork, yes that’s right! I was gobsmacked when I finished work. They get set weekly tasks on a Monday, then new Maths & English tasks each day. Is tomorrow they have 1 weekly task left, then it’s just Maths & English. I am so impressed. They’ve completely smashed it!

I had a productive day too, I had 2 new starters at work and had to ensure they are settled in their roles. It was different via Teams but I’m hoping I can still manage effectively remotely. It’s so hard not sitting next to people, as you just don’t know how quickly they work or how they work. I’ve got to learn to talk a bit more! I’m so happy we have a full team though! 🥂

Another 2 reasons why I’m feeling happy today: our outdoor furniture is being delivered this week (2 weeks earlier than I thought) Whoop Whoop and my iPhone upgrade is due this week. I can’t believe I’ve had my iPhone 8 Plus for 2 years! It’s the best iPhone I’ve had to date.

These guys are trying #new things in the garden too. Isla got this for her birthday. I used to love a skip ball when I was a child. And a Pogo Ball? Can anyone remember these?


We’ve been busy little bees...

Thurleigh Farm Centre, Bedfordshire


Thurleigh Farm Centre is only a short drive from our house, we never knew how close it was until we went there on Bank Holiday Saturday. This place is brilliant for children, not only do you have farm animals that you can feed, there is a playground outside, soft play inside, tractor rides, fire engine rides and on certain days there is a Gruffalo walk in the wacky woods.

DSC_4628farm (1)

First things first, tractor ride around the farm! Farmer Mark gets as many people on the trailor as possible, I would guess at around 20/30 people can squeeze in the trailor with little bums included and once you are all aboard, he starts up the engine. He has a little circuit that he does with the tractor, which is up to the Wacky Woods and back, it takes around 15 minutes in all and he does it a few times a day. You can see the times on the schedule that you get when you arrive and so you can plan when you are going to enjoy the ride.


Next up we walked around the farm and fed the animals, well Mummy & Daddy fed the animals as Noah was a little worried. We fed the goats, llamas, chickens and pigs. I think Noah enjoyed the chickens most today and Isla loved the piggy’s. The piggy came up to the fence to sniff Isla and after a few minutes she decided that we were OK and plonked herself infront of us, like a dog curling up, it was really cute.



After we fed the animals we went to have a little play in the soft play and then in the playground whilst we waited for Gruffalo story time walk. The indoor soft play area is great, there is a little ball pool area for the little ones by the entrance then a big area for the bigger children. They have 3 levels to climb, a choice of 2 slides, a large ball pool and lots of fun things along the way. Mummy had to follow Noah around whilst carrying Isla and we all had lots of fun, especially in the snakey slide.



We then went on the Gruffalo walk in the woods and followed mousey around the woodland, the story was told to us by Farmer Mark and it was great fun. After the Gruffalo walk we sat outside by the playground and ate our little picnic and had a little go on the swings and slide – then it was fire engine time. DSC_4827


The fire engine ride meets up throughout the day and Farmer Mark did 2 trips so that little Noah could get a go as he was last on the queue for the first trip. But it was worth it, just to see his little face light up on the fire engine and hear him excitedly shouting “nee nar” with Farmer Mark. He does a little circuit around the farm and stops just outside the farmers house, where he lets the little ones have a go at the fire engine hose and making a splash everywhere. It was lots of fun and Noah enjoyed helping Farmer Mark and Daddy reel the hose back into the fire engine, so that we could get in it to go back to the farm.






Finally, we let Noah run around the outside play area with Isla – they had fun climbing on the wendy houses, bouncing on the trampolines and going down the slide. It was nice to see them running around, freely, it was a fenced off area too so we were a little more relaxed with the kids. We were really impressed with the way the farm had been laid out and the facilities it had to offer.


farm (4)



farm (6)

You can keep up to date with what is going on with Thurleigh Farm Centre on their Facebook page and you can follow them on Twitter too: @ThurleighFarm. Great fun for all the family, right near the heart of Bedfordshire.


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