HTI Toys sent us a fabulous bundle of pocket money toys, they are great for play time and encourage the children to play together. There is always something to do whether that be outside, jokes and gags. Earning pocket money is something we do for the children ad hoc, not a regular chore list but something they can do if we have time to implement it.

HTI Toys sent us lots of fun toys, Isla loved the stretchy poo (it looked so realistic it made me feel sick) but the kids loved it. You can see her having fun stretching it in the photo above. Noah enjoyed learning how to use the Diabolo. IT kept him occupied for a long time and he was very good at it too.

Tips on how to earn pocket money

The kiddies love to earn, they are very different with what they do with it too. Isla is very good at saving it up to buy bigger things and Noah has to spend it as soon as possible. We have a few ideas on how the kids can earn some pocket money;

Washing the cars – the kiddies love washing the cars and whenever we get some time at the weekend, and they want to do it, we let them. We give them a little pocket money for doing it too. It always ends in a water fight – which they enjoy. Obviously. They have done since they were little.

Tidying their room – the kiddies are not very good at doing this regularly. So sometimes we ask them to tidy their rooms. Put away toys in their right places for example.

Helping the grown ups – sometimes there are things like weeding the garden or painting walls that the kiddies can join in and help with. It’s not something we ask of the children but if they show an interest in something we do not want to stop them. Isla loves baking and she often helps in the kitchen. Little things like this can earn pocket money.

Do you have any fab ideas on how children can earn pocket money? And what pocket money toys do your kids like? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

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Last Update: Thursday, 31st October 2019