Isla was extremely lucky to receive the Comic series of EverDreamerz from PLAYMOBIL®. Isla loves collectible toys and these are perfect! They come in 2 different collectible packets: the collectible characters and the surprise boxes. Let’s meet the characters and what is inside each box, and what Isla got in her surprise boxes. They are aimed at children 7 and above.

Each collectible character comes with 8 surprises: a magic pet, collectible card, charm, sticker, accessories, bracelet, bead and a water pen. So, not only do you get extra items for your new character, you get them for your child too. EverDreamerz come in 2 series: Comic and Candy. This is our review of the Comic Series. Below is a photo of the charms we received with our dolls. Isla put them straight onto her favourite bracelet:

Rosalee – the fuchsia box

Rosalee is a super positive character. She is a great listener, even if her friends do not agree with her she spends time with them creating harmony. Rosalee has a cute blue flamingo as a magic pet. She comes with a bag, book and teddy bear accessories. Her special bracelet charm is a blue victory sign. The water pen reveals a story about her flamingo pet on the sticker.


Starleen – the coral box

Starleen is not shy of the limelight, she is always singing and dancing. She uses her talents to help guide the group. Starleen has a wonderful red meerkat magic pet. She has a handbag and camera as her accessories. Her bracelet charm is a red bow. The water pen reveals a a story about her camera and the pet meerkat on the sticker.

Playmobil Starleen

Viona – the purple box

Viona loves writing poems and making paintings. Obviously, she prefers purple. The special charm for Viona is the paint brush and her bracelet is purple. Viona comes with an easel and colour palette accessory. Viona’s magic pet is a panda. So cute. The water pen reveals a story about her super panda pet on the sticker.


Clare – the blue box

Clare is the brains of the group, she just loves her geometric shapes too. Clare’s pet is a green alpaca, who is just super cute. Her accessories are a bag and an alarm clock. The special bracelet charm is paper airplane. The water pen reveals a story about her alpaca on the sticker. He is super cute.


Edwina – the yellow box

Edwina is the sporting one of the group. She also loves comic books. Edwina’s magic pet is a blue cat. Her accessories are a barbell and a sports bag. The special bracelet charm is a sports shoe. The water pen reveals a story about her blue cat on the sticker. I love her sports bag, she seems pretty cool.


The Surprise box

Included in the surprise box are some fun new characters: Mr Fastfood, Miss Unicorn and Miss Pencil to name a few. We got Colourista and Lady Nightmare. They come with their own accessories and make it a lot of extra fun on top of the collectible toys above.

You can find out more about the characters on the fun EverDreamerz PLAYMOBIL® site!

We love reviewing kids toys! These collectibles are a brilliant idea for a gift for Christmas, or a little lockdown gift. We bought the kiddies a little gift for doing so well during homeschooling and lockdown. At £14.99 for the doll and £5.99 for the surprise box they are a great price.


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Last Update: Thursday, 12th August 2021