Now I’m not one to complain. Especially when it comes to our beloved NHS. But the past 24 hours have been extremely frustrating and it is not the NHS, it is the particular people and practice processes. I suppose it annoys me because it’s my job; making sure the customer experience is the best it can be. This is an example of how customer service can go quite wrong.

So, it started with my own error and I acknowledge that. I had my last pill yesterday morning and panicked as I had no more packets. Now, usually it hasn’t been a problem as in this position I’d call the doctors and they’d make me an emergency prescription and I’d get it and all would be fine. But that didn’t happen, they’ve changed their process. Ahhhhh! Apparently, now, there is no earthly way to get an emergency prescription unless you go into the doctors in person, and before 3pm. Which I couldn’t do. 

So, I couldn’t do anything about it yesterday (Monday) and thought I’ll walk the children to school and then cycle to the doctors in the morning to fill out the form. So I did that this morning. I was told to go back to the doctors after 5:30pm to collect my prescription. 

As you know we are down to one car at the moment so I had to wait for Hubby to get home from work so I could drive, quickly, to the doctors. Hubby pulled up at 5:45pm. I was pushing my luck. But thought I could make it. 

Got to the surgery to be told they couldn’t find my prescription. I wanted to cry. After a few phone calls to various people at 6pm I was told my prescription had been taken to the chemist, Boots. Which thankfully opened until 8pm. I had to move my car and park in a different spot so good job I didn’t have to rush. 

One thing I’ve forgotten to mention is this morning I asked for a flu jab, they said they couldn’t as they were short staffed. I had to go back later on that day. So I asked whilst I was waiting for my prescription to be found. They said they couldn’t do it as they had no under 65 flu jabs in stock. Usual information for this morning! Last year I just walked in and the friendly lady did it immediately. Just so you know Boots are doing flu jabs by appointment this year: in case you are considering getting one. I asked whilst I was waiting for my pills. 

So, back to Boots. I turned up. Initially, she said she didn’t have my prescription. As you can imagine I was about to kick off. Anyone, whose anyone, knows how our hormones fly about when we miss a pill. So I didn’t have that on my side either. My pill is one that you take everyday. So when you miss one it – you know about it. She found my prescription and then put the wrong pills in it. Thankfully I had my old packet in my pocket, so it was swapped and voila. I now have an emergency month. 
But, what a rigmarole to get it. 

I’ve decided I’m changing doctors surgeries. That’s twice I have had a bad experience with them in a week. Last week they wouldn’t book Isla in for an emergency appointment and sent me on a wild goose chase to a walk in centre (after 6pm) that wouldn’t see her either as she needed an appointment. Information that would have been helpful before we walked 90 minutes to get there. 

They’ve changed their processes for what seems to me, for the worse. They’ve fixed something that wasn’t broken. They’ve left me feeling completely frustrated and I just want to cry. That’s not right. I’m able bodied. Ive got access to car and bike. What if I hadn’t? 

Customer service is easy when you keep is simple. For the customer. My experience today was not simple for me at all. Nor simple for Isla last week. 

Rant over. I feel less frustrated now 😂

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Last Update: Tuesday, 1st October 2019