This is for yesterday’s prompt, I left my square black yesterday and so this is my Day 2 of the June Photo Challenge.

These guys always make me #smile. They have the ability to make me feel so very angry and then laugh only 5 minutes later. I’m glad they don’t hold a grudge or stay angry for too long.

I remember this moment well, they were giggling about the dogs. The dogs wandered around them chewing on the grass and Snoopy (our blind dog) nearly head butted Isla.

I love the bond they have developed over the past few months, with each other and the pets too. I’m not saying they love all day long (they bicker) but it’s not as much as they used to and it’s definitely determined by the amount of sleep they get.

Anyone else struggling to get their kids asleep but 10pm? I think Noah came down, in protest, 8 times last night to say he couldn’t sleep.


This is for yesterday’s prompt,...

#blackouttuesday✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #blackouttuesday

#blackouttuesday✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #blackouttuesday

🌾 I adore this photo! Not sure what it is exactly: the colours, the wonky lines, the sun setting to the right or the children’s freedom. Or, all of it put together.

This was an ordinary moment captured on our dog walk, Sunday evening. It’s little moments like this, the accidental captures, that I love the most.

I had no idea at the time of taking it that I’d love it as much as I do. I can hear the #kiddies giggling and it makes me want to smile.

Well, it’s a late post. But I didn’t finish work until 10:30pm ish & I’ve been winding down.

I hope everyone had a lovely day.


🌾 I adore this photo!...

Happy June everyone and here are the photo prompts for #mummyphotoaday, June photo challenge.

I’ve included lots of generic words as during lockdown there is quite a variation of photos. I love seeing how each person takes on the photo prompts, some absolutely stunning photos.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #mummyphotoaday so I can share the photos throughout the month, but so others can find you and like or comment. It really is such a lovely community.

So, what is everyone doing for June?

Happy June everyone and here...

My favourite pics from May #mummyphotoaday, the fun photo a day photo challenge. Thank you to everyone who has taken part, so many amazing photos to choose from.

The photo is tagged, but left to right:
📷 @mummuddlingthrough
📷 @socalshopgirl384
📷 @van_life_family_
📷 @ceeleah_and_the_small_humans
📷 @norfolk_kinsfolk
📷 @beautifully_defected
📷 @newmummyblog
📷 @typicalmummy

I’ve really loved seeing photos from everyone that joined in: @sahrazade @shareyourplaywithme @confessionsofacrummymummy @adventuresstartathome @anywaytostayathome @chaos_at_leitrim @_lisaslife_ @happinessisasunbeam @themummyeditorial

All you have to do to join in with this photo challenge is use the hashtag #mummyphotoaday. Take the keyword from the photo prompts and use that in your caption. We’ve got a lovely community that enjoy seeing each others posts.

Thank you to everyone who joined in. Looking forward to June!

My favourite pics from May...

We went out with a bang for May! We had a day of socially distancing with #family.

Today is Nanny’s birthday, so we watched her open her presents on the driveway, with a good few metres distance. It was horrible not to be able to celebrate the day with her as we always do. We know we will soon and hopefully they can come and spend time in the garden with us soon, due to the new rules.

The kiddies get super sad when we leave families. It’s not nice but I think they understand why we can’t see them properly. Albeit they do not like it!

To cheer us up we played diggers in the fields surrounding my Mums new barn renovation project. No worries about socially distancing over there it is literally fields and fields. The kids loved zooming up and down on the dumper. I think it’s called.

Then we knocked on Great Grandma’s door to blow her a kiss and let her see the kiddies for a few minutes. It’s just so hard.

But, it was so lovely to see family today. Even if from afar and for a short time. We haven’t seen them in the flesh for around a month and it felt so nice.

Here’s to June and another month of lockdown. We’ve still got this!


We went out with a...

Yeah for the #weekend!! It seems to be the only time where tensions aren’t high and there is a calm amongst us.

We have no grand plans, obviously, but we do tend to get the dogs walked first thing (as it’s too hot later on) and then we do some gardening.

Yesterday I spent an hour pulling all the weeds and long grasses from the front garden. It looks so much neater now but I still have a lot of work to do.

I love this photo of us of all, we do not have many as we never sit still long enough 🤪 This is our family lockdown portrait though and it’s a nice memory: sunny days, rainbows and quality time together at home.

Do you have any special memories throughout this lockdown?


Yeah for the #weekend!! It...

What a great #friyay it’s been! We spent the morning “washing” the food shopping, then went for a nice big walk around Godmanchester meadows. It was a beautiful walk and nice as there was a breeze which cooled us down.

Yes, I did say wash the shopping. Is anyone else doing this? I basically Zoflora all of the food shopping as I unpack it. The actual shopping process takes a lot longer and now I’ve added an extra 30 mins with the clean. We just want to be sure it’s not harbouring anything. Peace of mind if nothing else.

Then this afternoon we let the kids have movie time. They’ve been getting too hot in the garden. It is super hot in the garden, it seems to be a little sun trap. Which I’m not complaining about.

Daddy then took the kiddies to the park to play croquet and I had a snooze in the sun.

All in all it’s been a beautiful day and chilled. Probably one of my favourite Fridays.

What did you get up to?


What a great #friyay it’s...

The worst customer service experience ever!

Now I’m not one to complain. Especially when it comes to our beloved NHS. But the past 24 hours have been extremely frustrating and it is not the NHS, it is the particular people and practice processes. I suppose it annoys me because it’s my job; making sure the customer experience is the best it can be. This is an example of how customer service can go quite wrong.

So, it started with my own error and I acknowledge that. I had my last pill yesterday morning and panicked as I had no more packets. Now, usually it hasn’t been a problem as in this position I’d call the doctors and they’d make me an emergency prescription and I’d get it and all would be fine. But that didn’t happen, they’ve changed their process. Ahhhhh! Apparently, now, there is no earthly way to get an emergency prescription unless you go into the doctors in person, and before 3pm. Which I couldn’t do. 

So, I couldn’t do anything about it yesterday (Monday) and thought I’ll walk the children to school and then cycle to the doctors in the morning to fill out the form. So I did that this morning. I was told to go back to the doctors after 5:30pm to collect my prescription. 

As you know we are down to one car at the moment so I had to wait for Hubby to get home from work so I could drive, quickly, to the doctors. Hubby pulled up at 5:45pm. I was pushing my luck. But thought I could make it. 

Got to the surgery to be told they couldn’t find my prescription. I wanted to cry. After a few phone calls to various people at 6pm I was told my prescription had been taken to the chemist, Boots. Which thankfully opened until 8pm. I had to move my car and park in a different spot so good job I didn’t have to rush. 

One thing I’ve forgotten to mention is this morning I asked for a flu jab, they said they couldn’t as they were short staffed. I had to go back later on that day. So I asked whilst I was waiting for my prescription to be found. They said they couldn’t do it as they had no under 65 flu jabs in stock. Usual information for this morning! Last year I just walked in and the friendly lady did it immediately. Just so you know Boots are doing flu jabs by appointment this year: in case you are considering getting one. I asked whilst I was waiting for my pills. 

So, back to Boots. I turned up. Initially, she said she didn’t have my prescription. As you can imagine I was about to kick off. Anyone, whose anyone, knows how our hormones fly about when we miss a pill. So I didn’t have that on my side either. My pill is one that you take everyday. So when you miss one it – you know about it. She found my prescription and then put the wrong pills in it. Thankfully I had my old packet in my pocket, so it was swapped and voila. I now have an emergency month. 
But, what a rigmarole to get it. 

I’ve decided I’m changing doctors surgeries. That’s twice I have had a bad experience with them in a week. Last week they wouldn’t book Isla in for an emergency appointment and sent me on a wild goose chase to a walk in centre (after 6pm) that wouldn’t see her either as she needed an appointment. Information that would have been helpful before we walked 90 minutes to get there. 

They’ve changed their processes for what seems to me, for the worse. They’ve fixed something that wasn’t broken. They’ve left me feeling completely frustrated and I just want to cry. That’s not right. I’m able bodied. Ive got access to car and bike. What if I hadn’t? 

Customer service is easy when you keep is simple. For the customer. My experience today was not simple for me at all. Nor simple for Isla last week. 

Rant over. I feel less frustrated now 😂


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1 Comment
  • Rachel Craig
    October 10, 2019

    Business /es aim to do what is best ( gains them most money, saves them time, costs them less or even nothing , etc, etc).

    Used to be ” The Customer is always Right”. This makes sense in the long /er term. As customer happy :- Likely to return, and may well recommend to others ( as pleased with goods and or service, etc). So Business kept busy, and money flows into Business, and Business grows whilst gaining a good Reputation / Name. All makes sense.

    Short term :- Take money and Run. ” Fly by Night”.

    Yes, It would be kindly to treat people with Respect. Kindly aiming to meet their needs. Public Services are paid for via Public Funds ( taxes). Poor service :- Do not want a repeat or similar. ” Vote with your Feet, go elsewhere for service/s required / needed”.

    NHS, etc surely should have an element of Caring, understanding, Empathetic manner, etc.

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