Noah and Isla love books, Isla more so than Noah, but they both love reading books and looking at the pictures whilst telling the story. There are a few books that we have recently purchased that they love reading a long with now, they like the stories that much. I love looking at The Works website as they always have such incredible offers on that you could buy the children a new book every week and it wouldn’t break the bank! Great value for money and fantastic quality books too.


For our holiday I knew we would need to keep the children entertained: on the plane, in the hotel room, by the poolside and even more importantly – when Mummy and Daddy wanted their dinner. So I went on The Works website ( and ordered £10’s worth of books from the great offer they had running at the time. We got sticker books, bedtime story books and colouring in activities. It was brilliant and it kept them busy for all the scenarios that I had in mind. Thank you The Works!


Since returning from Turkey I have been looking for books for Noah, he is 4 next month and I want to start reading with him and trying to teach him the phonics and maybe even get him reading before he starts school next year. Oxford Reading Tree books are a fantastic resource for helping with his and I noticed there are a lot of great books to help me get Noah started. On my purchase list for his birthday presents I have the Oxford Reading Tree Read with Biff, Chip, and Kipper: My Phonics Kit and Phonics Level 3 Shops Oxford Reading. They look like great books to help and I remember reading about biff, chip and kipper when I was younger. That brought back some memories. I was a little clever tot when I started school, the teachers told me that I used to read to the rest of the class when I started. I loved reading,  I would sink into a book at every given opportunity. I hope Noah takes after Mumma with his reading skills too.



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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018