Today it is little Noah’s birthdate anniversary, he is 4 years and 3 months old, yes it has been 3 months since his birthday and my last Noah update. Things have been extremely busy since his last birthday and a lot has changed, a lot has happened but little Noah is going from strength to strength except for one thing: not listening!


I am just hoping that it is because of his age and he is a little boy that gets excitable, and not the other side where he is just not able to hear us. I have spoken to some friends and it turns out their children, boys and the same age, are also doing exactly the same things as Noah. Not listening, not responding, doing their own thing when they want to and seemingly ignoring you when trying to keep them safe and correct them. It has got a little frustrating I am not going to lie, I was at the brink of calling the doctors to get a hearing appointment when one of my friends said “is Noah ignoring you and not listening?”. I felt like a great weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Isn’t it amazing what the power of friends can do? So we discussed the ins and outs of eachothers issues and they were more or less the same.



Noah is learning very much, he is saying really long words like “enormous” and describing things so much better than he used to. “this is huge Mummy” and “Mummy this is lovely, wonderful job” are things I hear quite often at the moment. It is little sentences like that, that make me giggle and melt all at the same time. He plays with his toys a lot and gets into a complete little Noah world where he is repeating things he has heard around him. He will repeat how nursery leaders talk to him, or something Grandma has said. It is all a part of their learning I know, but it is funny to sneak on him and hear his conversations. Especially if one car is telling the other car off. Cute. He sings a lot, he is amazing at memory games and he learns songs lyrics so quickly, he can sing a lot of Heal the World by Michael Jackson (Mummys influence seeping in there) and he sings them back to me when he isn’t feeling shy. It is amazing how much he can absorb and relay. Makes me proud that he can do that though, like me, I can remember a lot of things and I have a photographic memory too. I think he has that ability also.

My Mumma got him a new Lego Junior pack the other week, it has basic instructions on how to build more basic things, aimed at 4 years and over. He did so well. I was completely chuffed with him, he took the booklet and built the truck within about 10-15 minutes. First time. He did only one little bit wrong, which Nanna helped him to fix and other than that he followed the instructions completely. Its a shame he cannot do that when you are telling him to do something!


Sibling love

The love is there, I can see it, maybe not every single minute of every single day, but it is definitely there. They play together a lot more, Lego Duplo or cars. or in the play kitchen. But they do play on their own too. I would say about half and half. The problems come when Isla wants to play and Noah is playing cars, that’s his time and she doesn’t understand that at the moment so just annoys him to get attention. That’s when our arguments happen. I am aware of this though and I do try to encourage her to play with something else whilst Noah is busy. We will get there. I love the way they sing to each other in the car, talk to each other and encourage each other to do things. It is fun. I love watching them. That’s why he had an 18 month gap. It is a fascinating time at the moment, their ages are quite incredible to watch.

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Last Update: Monday, 9th February 2015