I think July may be the month that we see a little change in Noah; I have noticed over the past week or so that he seems so grown up! He doesn’t play up in restaurants, he doesn’t make a scene in public places anymore – but deary me is he loud! Constantly shouts, shouts for attention and just shouts in general. Do his ears not work?


Noah Learning

Noah is getting really good at spelling, he is not as creative as his Mummy and little sister, but he recognises letters – we test him as often as we can when we see things around us and he really loves the challenges. He can spell Noah which is great, as spelling your own name should be at the top of the to do list. He can almost spell Isla, Mummy and Daddy. I sometimes trip myself up and say the actual letter as opposed to the sounds like and I am sure I confuse the little man. He really enjoys it though. It is nice to see a clever little man willing to learn and do things all the time. He is just not so hot with a pencil and colouring pens, he enjoys it for a few seconds but scribbles over the entire page and everything looks like spaghetti. Something for me to work on with him I think!



Playtime is all the time with Noah. He absolutely loves playing with everything he can, even if its a game of chase he will be doing it. He loves playing and he is so happy when he is running around, chasing, or building big big towers out of the bricks. We learn a lot through playing too, which is a good tool for development. Colours, shapes and numbers/letters are a big thing for Noah at the moment and making him learn without realising it is a good, natural way to help him develop into that clever little 4 year old I know he will be soon. One of his favourite things to do though is still play cars and trains, talking for the vehicles too, as if they are a live – there is no doubt this little man has an imagination. Which reminds me exactly of when I was a child, everything came to life and spoke to me and it was great fun.


Sibling Love

The little siblings that I have created are still getting on well, 90% of the time, as with any siblings they still have their moments but the nicer ones are definitely controlling the majority at the moment. Phew! Hopefully we are over the worst of the silly tamtrums and hitting/fighting. We have been discussing this a lot with Noah over the month and nursery are also explaining to him on a weekly basis that he must not hit his sister and our new rule is that when Isla upsets him he has to come and tell Mummy and Daddy, not deal with the situation himself – which will be a wallop to her head! The poor thing. We have seen a lot more cuddles, kisses and asking her if she is OK when she is crying, helping her to get things that she cannot reach and helping her to learn new things – like how to make a toy work, how to read the picture cards and teaching her colours is his favourite at the moment.


Noah (4)

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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th July 2014