Kiddicare recently sent little Noah a brand new Classic Toddler Bed in white. It is a great little bed, lightweight and has a great built in guard on either side of the headboard to help prevent the little ones rolling out onto the floor.


Noah had just come to the point where his old cotbed was destroyed, snapped in 2 where he had been jumping on it and the decision came: Shall we repair it or replace it? Then Kiddicare introduced me into the concept of a starter bed, which was a little alien to me before. It is a great idea, the mattress is the same size as the cotbed so the bedding still fits, yet it looks so much bigger!


DSC_5170It was really easy to set up, the bits were all outlined in the instruction manual and it details what bits fit together and where. It came with the Allen key too which was a bonus, it really frustrates me when you need a specific tool like that and it doesn’t come with the flat pack furniture.

There was approximately 8 steps to get the bed ready for little Noah to sleep in; assembling the legs, assembling the foot-board and the headboard and then attaching the guards on either side of the headboard. Each step involved a screw with the Allen key setting, so the entire project was created using the same Allen key. It took me about 20 minutes to assemble.

I did have a little helper, whilst creating the bed:


Noah loves his big boy bed, he still calls it his new bed and gets excited about sleeping in it, much the same as his Kiddicare Prince Car Seat – he loves them both so much. It’s great to see him actively commenting on things that he has in his room now, giving his opinion and the odd “Wow” comment is really sweet. It’s amazing how putting him in this starter bed has made him seem so much more grown up.


The bed itself, as mentioned above, is a similar size to a cotbed; width is 67.5cms, length is 144cms and the height is 57cm. It is made out of pine, which is a tough wood for furniture, especially for little toddlers – so I am hoping he doesn’t break this one! The started bed is currently £69.99 which is a bargain, it doesn’t come with a mattress but you could use the mattress from the cotbed if you have had your child in one of those prior to using a starter bed.


The bed is aimed at 18 month olds to 4 year olds, when they really do go into a big bed. There is a lot of feedback on the Kiddicare website about the bed, it is all generally saying the bed is really easy to assemble and lightweight. I have to admit that it was incredibly easy to put together and it is really light, but it is only for Noah so we do not need a bulky and heavy item.


I loved making up his new bed, putting his new bedding on and obviously the finishing touches; Thomas on the bed guard and his name across the headboard. A real classic starter bed all ready for a little Noah to get tucked up for a night time story.


If you are stuck for ideas for Christmas, why not update your little ones room and grab a new starter bed and make their Christmas extra special. You can see other fantastic Kiddicare products on their website: You will find other customer reviews, prices and offers when they are running, product specifications and delivery information. Why not like the Kiddicare Facebook page and follow @kiddicare on Twitter too.


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Last Update: Friday, 25th October 2013