More often than not the home garden goes unused or unnoticed. Well in my house it is more that I do not get time to spend in the garden as much as I would like. A garden does not have to only be for looks, it also can be a great area to entertain guests and a relaxing haven for the whole family. Using outdoor furniture you can extend your house out into the garden: creating an extra room in a way. You can do this easily by looking at things such as the layout of your garden. Any old garden can be turned into a magical grove with some high quality garden benches and tables. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Create somewhere to dine

The most important thing for a great garden area is seating. If you do not have anywhere for people to sit, that is comfortable then they the dinner party is not going to go so well. Sometimes you go to places and the furniture looks amazing but is incredibly hard and uncomfortable. Opt for good quality pieces that not only look good, but are also comfortable.

Create somewhere to relax

Outdoor benches and sofas make an amazing addition or piece to build around for your garden. They are great for lounging on a sunny afternoon or hosting guests for a party and they are also durable and waterproof. When the sun gets too hot or when you want a cup of tea outside on a drizzly day, what better way to enjoy it than while relaxing on your garden sofa. Online shops like Unopiu specialise in high end outdoor furnishings and they have a range of high quality garden benches and other seating furniture that will transform the look of your garden and make it more luxurious in no time.

Create some shelter

You can buy a beautiful shed which could provide a shaded area by your seating, or an awning for some cover. There are also some amazing mini gazebos which will really give your garden a quaint style to build upon. Create a complete area to one corner of the garden that is sectioned off, ready for those nights you have guests over.

Create the perfect feast

Now that you have your cover (it can even be a nice big umbrella) and comfy outdoor sofa, next you will need a table to show off that perfect feast. There are some incredible chair and table sets for a nice cocktail hour or low tables to accompany your sofa. You cannot go wrong as long as it matches the style you are looking for. A good tip is to start with Italian furniture and styles because it suits almost any garden set up.

Create great mood lighting

For the night time parties you will need some lighting, and this is where you can really have fun. Hanging strings of lanterns or lights wrapped around trees will really give your garden a magical feeling and you will find yourself relaxing under the stars every night! I love the idea of having lights around a tree, either side of large cover so that it gives the feeling of an entrance at night time. Also lots of candles that help protect against mosquito’s – as I really do not like them!

If you have any fantastic ideas on how to do up your garden this summer, I would love to hear them in the comments below…

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  • Helen Smith
    Sunday, November 27, 2016

    Your garden looks lovely โ€“ and it looks as though youโ€™re having a lot of fun!!!!! Great post and love how a garden can become an extension of your space with furniture . Thanks for sharing โ€“ great job