Bedrooms that grow up with kids

One thing that will strike any parent is how quickly their kids grow up. I’m always amazing how fast they grow and how much their tastes can seemingly change on a day-to-day basis. But it’s not just their favourite pop stars or computer games that can be ever-changing, as even their tastes in clothes and decorations can suddenly alter too.

Whilst we can all enjoy decorating our little one’s bedrooms in elaborate colour schemes and themes, I’ve found that it’s important to consider these factors to ensure that your child’s room grows up with them!


One of the key things to remember is to try and keep things at least a little bit neutral. Whilst it can be tempting to help them indulge their passion for a particular football team or movie by painting a large wall mural, their fickle minds can often change overnight.

So rather than endlessly being involved in the exhausting and costly practice on constantly updating their bedroom, think about using more neutral tones and themes. This kid’s bedroom shows how a child’s particular taste has simply been tailored to a more mature theme with discreet colours and classy fabrics.


All children have an impressive ability to get through an endless range of toys. And finding a storage space for any forgotten favourites can present a dilemma. But with some simple and chic storage baskets from JoJo Maman Bebe, you can provide a timeless way to keep things tidy. It also makes sense to think about investing in some multi-purpose furniture, such as one of Bedstar‘s four-sleeper wooden bunk beds that includes extra storage areas to cater to your growing family and their growing list of possessions!

By investing in some classic furniture it’s a good way to ensure that your child’s bedroom doesn’t succumb to passing fads, and instead provides them with a reassuring sense of permanence. If possible, it’s a good idea to try and acquire full-size furniture, as although child-sized chairs and tables may be cute, they’ll quickly become redundant.

But that’s not to say that your child’s bedroom should be completely devoid of personality. So in order to ensure that it’s a place that allows your little one to develop their personality to the fullest extent, be sure that you get them involved in choosing some fun accessories for the room. Porter and Woodman make some great customised chalkboards that’ll not only encourage their artistic endeavours, but are also easily wipeable to cater for their next craze!

Toy car image and bunk bed bedroom image by Shutterstock. 


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Friday 25 September 2015
Bedrooms that grow up with kids

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