I think Mummy loves this little Happy Sounds Home! as much as the children do, we were very lucky to be given the chance to review one with Noah & Isla.


This house has loads going on! Noises from all directions and lots of space for Mummy and Daddy to play with baby. The sounds are realistic and the little songs are happy and inviting, when ever Isla starts playing with the house she always starts off the game by pressing the step and getting Mummy to sing “Welcome welcome come on in…” – and yes it doesn’t leave my head for the entire day.

Each area of the house has a trigger to set off a sound or a song, for example there is a switch in the bathroom and the kitchen and you can turn the dial for night time and day time to create different sounds. There are 12 different songs and lots of sounds, there are 5 different styles of songs too, so you won’t get bored of hearing the same tunes over and over. It is lovely to see Noah and Isla role playing with the figures, putting them in the car and parking the car in the garage. You can see their imaginations running away with them which is great and exactly what the Happy Sounds Home! sets out to achieve.


Isla is still developing her motor skills and you can see that she doesn’t cleanly get Mummy or Daddy up the stairs, but it is certainly helping her to build on these skills and over the month they have got much better. Much the same as her toddlerish, she babbles away with the figurines and the house – they all have a great time. Although the table did end up in the bath and the baby was driving the car! Whereas, Noah plays really well with the house and he really likes locating all the switches to make the sounds trigger, or playing his favourite songs over and over again.

The little video on the Fisher Price YouTube channel says it all really:

Little People have some amazing products on their website: www.fisher-price.com. You can like Fisher Price on their Facebook page. I would recommend any of their toys for little ones, they make great Christmas gifts and little sets like Mia & her puppy are a really good little idea for stockings or smaller presents for a little person.


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