Here are some great tips on caring for your mattress, by the lovely people of 1907beds: By caring for your new mattress you can not only help improve your sleep but you can also improve the lifespan of your mattress. It’s often recommended you change your mattress every seven years, however, luxury mattress manufacturer 1907 believe a traditionally made, high quality and well maintained mattress should last 10-15 years. To make the most out of your mattress Andrew Waters, sales and marketing manager from 1907 offers his top tips on how to care for your new mattress.



Turning and rotating your mattress

You should flip and rotate a pocket or open coil sprung mattress once a month to ensure you even out the wear. You should vary this by flipping and rotating.  If your mattress is memory foam, you should rotate it once a month. Memory foam mattresses should only be rotated end to end, as the layer of memory foam should always stay on the sleepside.

Cleaning and caring for your mattress

Vacuum your mattress regularly using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner to prevent a build up of dust. If the mattress surface has become dirty or soiled, use an upholstery shampoo, with warm water and a sponge to clean it.  Be careful to not allow the interior materials of the mattress get wet, and do not use solvent-based cleaners as these can damage the foam in memory foam mattresses or discolour the fabric covering your mattress.

Protecting your mattress

A mattress cover or protector will provide further protection from dust and a build-up of dirt. This should be washed regularly with all other bedding at 60 degrees to ensure any dust mites are killed. If you have a slatted bed frame, ensure you put boards (stiff cardboard will do) between the mattress and the slats, this will ensure the mattress does not sink and sag through the slats and damage your new mattress.

Handling your mattress

You should never use the handles to lift or carry the mattress. They are not designed to take its weight, but to help position the mattress on your bed base. Never fold or bend your mattress when carrying it into your bedroom, this can damage the springs and the wire edge, which once bent it won’t straighten out properly

Looking after your mattress

Look after your mattress the same way that you would look after any other piece of furniture. Don’t stand on it, jump on it, kneel on it, or sit on the edge of the bed in the same spot every day, as this can cause sagging.


For more information on mattresses, please visit the website: www.1907beds.co.uk.

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Last Update: Thursday, 4th April 2013