I love getting creative with presents, buying something that is not in the mainstream shops for example – or buying something that is personalised. With Amazon handmade you can buy something personal and special for Valentine’s Day.

I chose three lovely products on the Amazon handmade website, one of them was a personalised gift for me: a hand made make up bag. It’s a great make up bag and a fantastic price too. It’s a perfect gift for birthdays too!

My favourite gift idea is this personalised photo frame, it’s beautiful. It reminds me of our cruise, as it was a photo taken on board when we travelled around Europe a couple of years ago. I love it and I think it works really well in this frame. I love the scrabble styled letters that spell out our names too. It’s a lovely gift and only costs £18.99 which is a brilliant price for a Valentine’s Day gift.

I also found this beautiful handmade vase. It has always amazed me how people can make these. I remember going to a factory when I was younger to see them making vases and glasses. It was fascinating. This is a great idea to give to your loved one with a single rose in it. Place it on the middle of the dining table when you sit down to eat. Perfecto!

What would you love for Valentine’s Day? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

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Last Update: Thursday, 7th February 2019