Over Christmas you probably saw that Daddy and I took the little Constants to London, to a fabulous event with Now TV in our Christmas onesies #MyOnesieLand and it was a magical time where the children really enjoyed the new experience and the foodie treats. It was a great introduction into Now TV and what it is, I hadn’t heard of it before the event and I must admit, every household should have one.


The event was held at Electric Cinema in Notting Hill and for anyone that loves the cinema, this is the next “to do” on your lists. It is totally amazing. The cinema is kitted out with armchairs, tables inbetween the armchairs, a foot rest for all the seats and a bar where you can order drinks and nibbles. I have never experienced anything like it and I really want to go back. We got to sit with other lucky families and watch a screening of the Muppets most wanted movie, which we all loved. There were families at home watching it on their Now TV boxes too. We had nibbles and drinks throughout the movie, provided by Edible Cinema, which were relevant to the movie. We had to eat the numbered boxes at the right time. There were some interesting things in there like a mint mousse and a flavoured coffee. The kids found it incredibly exciting.


I have had a good month to test the Now TV box and see what the concept is all about, the Now TV box it self is fantastic. It plugs into your TV via a HDMI lead and has WiFi built in, so no extra cables or dongles needed, which is fantastic. Once plugged in, you log into your Now TV account, which you can set up on the box or on your laptop/tablet etc. It is really easy. I already had a Sky account so it links to that and that is what you use to log in. I didn’t realise at first but Now TV created by Sky, it does make sense when you think about it! But for those people that cannot afford a monthly Sky account or people, like me, who just want the Sky packages when I want them, it is great. You can sign up and pay for a month, then cancel at anytime. It is there, literally, for as and when you need it. With the box you also get iPlayer for BBC, ITV player, Channel 4 and 5, YouTube and various other apps that are already pre-installed and accessible. It is perfect quality, so it is a really useful little box to have. If you do not have a good TV reception in your area and you do not have an aerial in the loft, like me, it’s perfect. I can watch Now TV and catch up with all of my favourite channels, movies and shows.


You could watch the Sky movies and entertainment packages on your devices too, so not just on the Now TV box itself. From a laptop/PC you can visit the Now TV website: http://www.nowtv.com. Once logged in, you can access your account and the movies/shows that you have paid for. You can download the app for your tablets, phones and I even have it on my Xbox! I can watch my favourite things wherever I go. I love it!


When you log in to Now TV, you can see what new movies are out and for those customers familiar with Sky movies, on Friday’s when the new premiere movies are shown, you get access to them too. So every Friday we have a look at what the new movies are and Daddy and I watch them throughout the week. We have watched so many great and new films recently, I just love it and the children do too. There are so many Disney films available in the Disney category that the children are obssessed. We have watched Sleeping Beauty together and Isla loves it, she has found her new favourite. Noah loves the fact that he can watch Spiderman and Turtles and all the “boy” things he is into at the moment. I am enjoying spending quality snuggle time with Daddy though, watching the films on our lists. We really enjoyed Noah at the weekend, we had to watch it really with our little man being a Noah. It was brilliant. We can pause it whenever we needed, we cranked the volume up and felt like we were in our own little cinema.


The My TV section of Now TV is a neat way of finding all the things you have watched, and recent things show first. So if you do not manage to finish a film, or like me, you are in hte middle of watching a TV series, you do not get lost and you do not loose your place. It remembers where you left off and you get the option of carrying on from that place or starting again. I watched the entire season of Downton Abbey. I was like a woman obbsessed, but I had the opportunity to do so with Now TV. I watched it on my new TV, on my new sofa with the Now TV box, on my iPad in the bath and on my iPhone when I was on my lunchbreaks. I watched all 5 seasons in just 3 weeks. Yes sad I know.


Next on my list is a TV series called True Detective, I have watched a couple of episodes and wanting to give it a couple more before I say what my thoughts are, it is a little complicated to work out at the moment what is truly going on. But the actors are obviously great, so I think I will like it, it will be inevitable.

We were given a fabulous limited edition box for taking part in spreading the Now TV love, if you go and grab one now you will get a nice posh white one. The bundles are a great deal, you can buy a box on its own or a box and a TV bundle to get you going. It is a great idea and that could save you a little bit of money too. You have three options for subscriptions: Sky Movies, Sky Entertainment and Sky Sports. Sky Sports is the most expensive bundle as there is so much to it I suppose. Sky Movies is £9.99 a month and the entertainment is £6.99 a month. You can choose the cancel any packages at any month and restart again when you need them. It is really versatile. There are also fabulous deals that you can purchase too, like 4 months of Sky Movies for £20.99 – you just need to look out for the offers.

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Please visit the Now TV website for more information: http://www.nowtv.com/. You can keep up to date with the NOW TV Facebook page and the NOW TV Twitter feed too!


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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018