I love making gifts for people, I remember when I made that Crochet blanket for our friends little baby. It made me feel like a great sense of achievement and that gift took months to make, so the love definitely went into the making. That’s how I feel about handmade gifts, they are made with love. Which only makes them more special. 

We received a wonderful hamper of gifts from Amazon Handmade, there were so many lovely items. I find it inspiring to make more gifts to go along with them. I received: a DIY Christmas Sausage Dog cross stitch kit, a personalised bauble and cute little personalised Jute bags. 

DIY Christmas Sausage Dog cross stitch kit

This kit is totally adorable. You get everything you need to create the Sausage dog cross stitch, the image to use as a pattern and the embroidery thread and it all comes in a pretty little package. Perfect to gift to your family member. I’ve never thought about a gift like this before, but it is perfect for people that have got a lot time on their hands – like elderly grandparents! Fabulous idea. 

Personalised bauble 

This cute bauble is just perfect for milestones, like my nephews first Christmas for example. It is hand crafted to help celebrate your babies first Christmas. You can have your bauble filled with faux feathers, which is so delicate and a perfect representation of how delicate our little ones are. At £13.95 it’s a beautiful present for a loved one. 

Christmas mini jute bags 

These are totally adorable. I love these mini jute bags. You can use them as table settings for Christmas dinner or to put little gifts in. A great price at £6.99. I love the idea of using them as a special wrap for smaller gifts. Maybe a table present, which is a new tradition I have learnt since being with my Husband. 

I loved seeing all the fabulous gift ideas from Amazon Homemade. They are just perfect for that special gift for your loved one. What do you hand make for Christmas, I would love to know in the comments below or on social media @mummyconstant. #ahandmadechristmas, #amazonhandmade, #countdowntochristmas, #madeforyou and #craftychristmas

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Last Update: Friday, 7th December 2018