Photography is a fun hobby that might even one day turn into a full-fledged career. If you are looking to get better at your photography skills, you need to actually do some fun things with your photos as well. If no one is ever seeing your photos, you won’t be as motivated to take the best photos that you can. You need to find fun ways of showcasing your photos to your friends and family so that you can get the proper feedback you need in order to take your skills to the next level. 

Create custom T-shirts

When you have some great photos that you have taken, you can really make them stand out by making custom T-shirts. Whether you want to give these shirts to your friends, bring them to a family reunion, or try to sell them online, you can have fun getting people to actually wear your photos. 

Try to get big on Instagram

If you feel like you are really becoming proficient with your photography skills, it might be time to try getting a social media following. When you are pushing your work out there on Instagram, you may be able to get a solid following and actually turn your hobby into a career that could make you some real money. If you are able to push your skills out to the masses, you might just be surprised at how many people really enjoy your work. 

Make a custom photo throw pillow

One fun way to show off your photos to your spouse or roommates is to create a custom photo pillow. Having a custom photo pillow will be a great way for you to have a decoration in your house that you can be proud of making. 

Make a Christmas card that won’t be forgotten

Although we may hate to admit it, most Christmas cards are pretty boring and are going to end up in the trash pretty quickly. However, with the use of your photography skills, you can create a Christmas card that is going to be remembered for quite some time. Be creative when you are taking the pictures for your Christmas cards. With your photography skills and a great theme, you will make a card that will surely end up on fridge doors all across the nation.

Create custom stickers for your friends

There are many print shops that will give you the ability to create custom stickerswith your photography. This will be a fun way for you to put your photos in your car, on your notebooks for school, or on your bathroom mirror. It can also be fun to make stickers that will be given out to all of your friends. It will be fun to see your friends’ reactions when you give them stickers that have pictures of them on it. 

Sell your prints online

If you want to turn your hobby into a money-making opportunity, it can be fun to find a way to sell your prints online. Whether you are looking to start your own website or use a platform that is already available to you, there are many ways that you can monetize your photography skills. If you keep persisting, you will be able to eventually have a side business that is creating income for you that you did not have before. 

Learn Photoshop skills

When you learn how to properly edit your photos in Photoshop, there are so many different things that you can do. You will be able to make funny photo edits or create beautiful and stunning edits that will wow your friends and family. Learning Photoshop is something that will take time and patience but it is something that you can learn if you keep at it. There are many tutorials online that will help you learn the skills you need in order to become a Photoshop master. 

Whether you are just a weekend hobbyist with your photography or you are looking to turn your passion for photography into a flourishing career, there are many fun things that you can do with your photos. There is almost nothing like the feeling of having people enjoy your art. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and get the ball rolling with your photography. You will never know the impact that your photos could have on your life and the lives of others until you try. Your joy of photography could be something that will greatly impact your life and the lives of others around you for good.

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Last Update: Thursday, 12th September 2019