The past 4 months have gone pretty quickly, I think I say that every week, but it’s true! My tiny little baby girl is growing up and increasingly clever & stronger everyday. She loves standing on her feet, she’s happiest standing and she loves playing on her activity mat where all her toys are dangling!

Noah and Isla’s relationship is getting better all the time too, I think as she’s getting older and more alert, Noah loves her more. He tries to share his food with her now, toys and blanket (which is a huge thing for Noah as he loves his blanket). She plays with his hair, grips his fingers and is always watching him play. You can see her eyes following him around the room.

She is starting to roll now, which is fab, but in the middle of the night she’s waking herself up by turning over onto her back. I had to go in at 3am the other night just to flip her back over.

We are just in the 0-3 month clothes now, at 4 months! She’s that diddy, bless her. I bet she’ll be in her 3-6 month clothes after she’s 6 months. To be honest some of Noahs clothes still fit him from his 9-12 months range and he’s 2 in a couple of months. OMG!

I’m looking forward to the next month of weaning, learning to sit up and watching her relationship develop with Noah.


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Last Update: Monday, 10th September 2012