Isla is now 17 weeks old and the required age that the health visitors advise you can start weaning. I am wanting to follow the same path that I did with Noah, because he is really good with food and isn’t picky (well up until he was 18 months old) and therefore if we did OK with him and I do the same with Isla – chances are she will turn out OK too!

I have stocked up on porridge and flavoured baby rice, juice and also fresh vege and fruit. We are starting by giving her porridge and the rice, just one portion a day for the moment, to get her used to the spoon and having to swallow in a different method.

20120907-231809.jpgThe first attempt of porridge didn’t go too badly, she did eat some but was spitting it out quite a bit and it was dribbling all over her chin. The aim of this game at the moment is getting her used to it, to be extremely patient and just wait until she tells me she’s had enough. Which she does!

The third attempt of porridge went really well, she was opening her mouth when the spoon came near to her face and her eyes were lighting up – it was really funny. She was taking mouthfuls and not dribbling half as much, I would say she ate about 5 scoops of the porridge, which is brilliant for so early. She was also trying to grab the spoon from me as I was feeding her, like she wanted to do it herself. I think we are going to have a little miss independent on our hands!

Next week I will be introducing breakfast, at breakfast time and this will consist of porridge and puréed fruit. I am going to start puréeing up vegetables for her too, so that in a months time she will have tasted many flavours and we will start to see what she likes and what she doesn’t. I’m quite excited about it all, although I don’t want to rush her – but I think she’s ready. She seems really interested in food now, staring at our plates, trying to grab things from my mouth, so it’s the exciting road to puréed spaghetti Bolognese – that was Noah’s favourite…

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Last Update: Thursday, 29th October 2020