What better way to kick off the New Year than to do it with a competition? And, a fabulous competition at that: to win a bundle of wellbeing goodies. I am an advocate for mindfulness and looking after yourself. This competition will give you everything you need to give yourself some time and to ensure you start the year with a healthy mind.

Clear the air

Did you know that some indoor plants can help to purify the air? I didn’t until Frosts Garden Centre told me and their Anthurium Andraeanum is a perfect candidate. Doesn’t she look beautiful? This particular plant has just been listed in the NASA clean air study. Indoor plants do the opposite to us; soak up the Cardon Dioxide and release oxygen. It removes harmful toxins in the air and keeps it fresh. Frosts Garden Centre were really excited to hear about my competition as they too think we should all look after ourselves a little better.


What will I win?

This competition is to win some amazing prizes, worth £120, details are below:

Hypnotherapy recording

The Food Psychology Clinic are offering the winner a hypnotherapy recording called “Re-build your relationship with food”. It’s a great session that helps you to have a healthy relationship with food, stop the binge eating and over-eating. This can be a great way of making you feel happier, as the healthier foods can often make your mind feel happier. This is worth £35.

Journal from Pen Heaven

Pen Heaven are offering the winner a large leather journal and the winner can choose their colour too. The journal is a great place to start scribbling your thoughts, doodling to help clear your mind or make your mammoth to do lists. Which all helps you to have a healthy mind. This journal is worth £19.50.

Horlicks goodies

Horlicks are offering 2 jars of Horlicks and a 2 lovely mugs for the winner. These mugs are just beautiful, they are Limited Edition Emma Bridgewater Horlicks mugs and will make a great addition to any kitchen. Not only that you get 2 jars of Horlicks, my favourite and a great way to take a moment! This bundle is worth £30.

Handmade soy wax candle

Handmade Perfect 4u are offering the winner a beautiful Sandalwood & Black Pepper Scented Candle worth £14.50. It has woody tones, with spicy and peppery notes. It is a more rustic smell, less sweet, which is a smooth and warm smell. It reminds me freshly cut wood and a little bit of vanilla too. These candles are all handmade in the UK and use high quality ingredients.

Supergreens and CBD Mind

CBD Mind are capsules that are formulated to help you withstand pressures of a modern lifestyle. The ingredients are taurine, ginseng and vitamins B2 & B5 to support mental performance. These capsules are not recommended for people under the age of 18. This tub of capsules is worth £39.99.

Supergreens from Bioglan Superfoods is a power superfood that helps revitalise body and mind. It contains wheatgrass, kale and barley grass. It also has vitamins B12, C and E. You can add it to your meals or simply add water to the powder. This is £9.99.

Sassy Shop Wax goodies

Sassy Shop Wax are offering the winner a segment and starter pack worth £21. These beautiful wax segments are perfect for adding a special scent to any room. A wax melt is the wax part of a candle, without the wick, instead you melt the wax in a tealight burner. In the starter pack you get a random selection of their best sellers and you will get a segment too.

Wellbeing book bundle


As part of this competition you will win the following 3 books: Clean Sleeping by Lisa Helmanis, Sort your Sh*t out by Caroline Jones and How to go waste free by Caroline Jones. Book bundle is worth £33. Some fabulous books to help clean your mind and help you to think about cleaning up the world around you too. I cannot wait to get reading these.

Win a bundle of wellbeing goodies

If you would like to win this bundle of wellbeing goodies, all you have to do is enter in the competition window below:

Win a bundle of wellbeing goodies

This competition closes at midnight on 9th February 2020. Good luck.

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Last Update: Sunday, 26th January 2020