Noah loves his prompt book so much, I am really surprised how well he's got on with it and how much he loves it. He would sit there all day going over all of his words for Nanny, Grandad, uncle Carl – anyone who will listen basically!

So what have we added to the drawings recently: door, ball, digger, police car, slide, bus, man, banana and number 1,2 & 3.

He still loves lorry, in fact he just loves all vehicles, he loves walking down the street and spying them all and when we are in the car he shouts at the top of his voice “lorry” when we pass one. It's really cute!

He knows who people are and he's trying to voice their names now, we had a go at grandad this week but it does sound like Dad Dad. We say Isla but its Lisla with the L at the start, we tried Zoe and Steve which was cute, he kind of gets there with the sounds.

I'm sure in a few weeks time he will be saying a lot more and surprising me with new words all the time, it's all happened really quickly. Bye bye, hi, cup of tea have all just popped out of no where. His phrases are getting better and more frequent too, like bye mummy, wanna see Nanna, I cup of tea etc. It's great watching him grow up, he is inspiring me to do so much with him – but I'm waiting! Creativity and crafts to come soon though and I'm so excited about that!

Yippee for Noah.