Toddler Talk: Noah’s prompt book

To help with Noah’s talking and learning words I thought it would be a good idea to start a prompt book with pictures and the associated word to help him along.
The reason I decided to make my own book for him is because other books that you can buy don’t have the words together that Noah has learnt so far. So I figured if I made him a book of his own, I can add words & drawings as and when he learns new words. So we can practice the words he’s learnt and also as he is starting to say new words I can add them to help him learn these words. Like bus, he can say “bu” but isn’t pronouncing the S so I’ve drawn it all up to help him learn. It seems to be working, he’s certainly trying!
Noah’s new word of the week is lorry with the R’s and I’m helping him with train, he looks at the picture and makes the noise but doesn’t say the word train yet, just “choo choo”! 20120910-205212.jpg
I’m hoping that it helps, time will tell.


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  • Gemma Mills / Chamberlain
    September 11, 2012

    Excellent idea! And you’re quite the artist! Will definitely be copying this when Dexter starts to talk. Let us all know how you get on and whether it helps.

  • lucy at dear beautiful boy
    September 11, 2012

    Once they start talking, all children ever seem to want to do is practise all the new words they have learned, so this little book is a great idea. We have a fantastic pack of flash cards which my little man has always liked looking at and which he now knows basically all of. I think he must choose to play with them three or four times in a day and I’m always happy to oblige.
    And I have to say from my old teacher perspective, getting children used to flash card and flash picture books is a really useful skill to help with their reading later on.
    And I must say you are quite the little artist… great pictures. X

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Toddler Talk: Noah’s prompt book

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