Hands up who likes a snack bar? Me too! We are forever grabbing and stocking up on them to take with us on our excursions. We recently tried the new ZENB Veggie Sticks and we loved them for various reasons and would definitely recommend them to any adventure loving families who like a grab and go snack. 

Who are ZENB?

ZENB is a fab company that are dedicated to encouraging people to enjoy delicious plant-based foods as part of a balanced lifestyle. ZENB is pronounced ZEN-B and comes from the Japanese term Zenbu, meaning wholeness. Their aim is to move food culture forward, building plant-powered products, and working to raise awareness and inspire change within the food system. 

Ultimately, they want us to change the way we think about food; if we want to protect the future of the planet then we need to rethink our approach to food. I bring you the ZENB Veggie Stick, an organic and delicious veggie bar that is made using as much of the whole vegetable as possible. 

ZENB bars

What flavours can you get? 

Currently, there are 4 flavours that you can choose from: Beetroot, Red Pepper, Pumpkin and Carrot. My favourite is the Red Pepper flavour, I think it’s because the vegetable is quite sweet to me and that comes through in the bar. I could eat red peppers all day and the bar is just perfect. We took them with us on our trek up Kinder Scout and it was great to have a delicious snack to tuck into. On average they are about 120 kcal per bar, so great for those long Autumn days exploring with your family. 

Red Pepper – this bar uses as much of the pepper as possible, including the stem and seeds and also contains brown rice and red quinoa puffs. I love the texture. The nut gives it a real crunch too which gives the stick that familiar texture of a snack bar. I remember initially I couldn’t work out how it would taste, as I hadn’t tried a savoury snack like this before and it was quite a surprise to taste the pepper. It has a tangy taste to it that leaves a nice sweet flavour in your mouth. 

Beetroot – this bar uses dried and ground beetroot, including its skin. So, making the most out of the whole vegetable. The smell wasn’t as overpowering as beetroot usually is, I am not usually a fan. I think because of the way the bar was made, the date syrup and cacao nibs add that extra hint of sweetness: I really enjoyed it. The crunch is great with this bar too, making it full of textures and flavours to enjoy.

Pumpkin – this bar uses as much of the whole pumpkin as possible, including the skin and seeds too. I was a little anxious about trying this one as I am not keen on the smell of the pumpkins when we carve them at Halloween. However, the smell was not overpowering, and the initial taste was almost floral. Then I got the cinnamon and nutmeg flavours coming in a really warming flavour. Reminds me of Autumn and the bar is a nice yellow colour too – It’s a little stick of Autumn! 

Carrot – this bar is dried, ground, carrot and uses as much of the whole vegetable as possible, including the skin. Helping to raise awareness around issues of food waste! Just like the others, the smell wasn’t overbearing and the initial tastes were a really subtle carrot flavour and then I got the bang of coriander. I absolutely love coriander and I love Carrot & Coriander soup, so these were a big hit for me. It left a delicious taste in my mouth that made me want more – so that is always a good sign.  


Being a vegetarian, finding new ways to eat vegetables is great and I love to get creative with these Veggie Sticks – perfect to crumble on to a salad or a vegetarian pasta bake (added crunch on the top) and they are great snacks to grab and go when we are out as a family. 

What do you think your favourite flavour would be? I would love to know what you think about these Veggie Sticks in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant. Check out the yummy veggie sticks and grab a trial box for £5 with free P&P, T&Cs apply, I bet you will be hooked once you try them! 

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  • B
    Friday, October 2, 2020

    WOW these look amazing and very yummy!

  • Dean
    Friday, October 2, 2020

    I would never think to grab a savoury snack – what a great idea.

  • Claire
    Friday, October 2, 2020

    Love the photos, they look delicious.

  • Amanda Botterill
    Monday, December 7, 2020

    These sound really interesting, I am going to have to get some for my foster son

    Monday, September 13, 2021

    Im a vegetarian and i’ve nver heard of these,so will be looking out for them x