I thought I was getting a little too complacent with level one and badgered myself into starting level two. I don’t think I have ever felt so broken in my life, I couldn’t move for 2o minutes or so. My calves were aching and felt quite stiff. Level two definitely upped the anti. So here’s my take on the #30DayShred level two.

The #30DayShred level two

Everything is quite different, different circuit routines and a combination of harder moves and different moves. When I say harder moves I mean that instead of having moves that you can make easy or advanced (by watching the girls in the background) the moves just had to be done the way they were being done.

The warm up moves are different, stretching different parts of your body, to make sure that you not going to hurt yourself of course. The rolling your head around to stretch your neck out was a good move, it felt really comfortable and with my back injuries still lurking it didn’t hurt my upper back as much.

The moves that ended up being extreme for me, are called: squat row with dumbbells, a squat and V raise and the last abs exercise, plank twists. Jillian does say about this workout making you think you want to die, and by the 20 minutes of this workout I am in pain. My legs do not work for at least an hour after the workout. It is great that I can feel that I am doing something. 

Squat row with dumbbells

This exercise is basically where you squat, like normal, trying to get that 90 degree angle in your knees and then using the dumbbells make a rowing type of action. 

Squat and V raise

This is when you squat, and raise the dumbbells to eye level (which makes a type of V shape). This really hurt the first time I did it, it hurt my arms and after about five of these I could barely push myself up again. 

Plank twists 

This is the last exercise of the workout, one minute of plank twists which work your entire body (almost) and they are not that hard. In a plank position you twist your body, underneath you, by bending your knee up and under your other leg. I hope that makes sense. You can see an example on Jillian’s website here: www.jillianmichaels.com.

Crunch image by Shutterstock. 


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Last Update: Tuesday, 26th January 2016