Take a cruise with me…

After spending two weeks in Turkey and a couple of boat trips, I feel completely inspired to explore the unpopulated scenery and the views from the coastlines. It looked completely magical and I loved the fact that we visited only places that you can reach by boat. A cruise must be so much more magical than that… think of the amazing things you could see on the Turkey coastlines and secrets you could unfold.


In looking for what to do next year for our holiday, the idea of a cruise is really appealing to me and it’s definitely growing on me. When looking at cruise holidays 2015 I found a lot of deals and some real inspiration of where to go and what to do with children in tow too. For example, I didn’t realise you could cruise around Turkey until I started to look on the internet. The place is so lush and full of greenery that it looks fantastic from the waters and the idea of stopping off at places that tourists on foot would not reach really appeals to me. Turkey is full of history that there must be so many things to go and see and do too. The children will be that much older next year too that they would really appreciate what we were doing – a holiday on a ship for example.


I love the fact that on a cruise ship you have everything you need, all in one place, we never travel without all inclusive because of the children and a cruise would be no exception. Knowing that the children can have a drink and an ice cream whenever they needed, a choice of food and activities would make me feel a lot more comfortable with the holiday. We just stayed on a resort and we only left it a couple of times to do the trips, it would be a similar thing if we were on a cruise ship too, except it would move about!



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Take a cruise with me…

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