So, with the old iOS your photos were laid out in a way where you had your camera roll which stored all of your photos, dating back to the very first photo you took – bearing in mind you didn’t delete them. How many of you installed the iOS8 and think the same as me? OK, where have they all gone? Suddenly I could only see 30 days worth of photos…. and scream! Some of you probably haven’t even noticed yet – sorry.


The iOS8 photos app has a new recently added album, which stores around 30 days worth of photos and the idea is you create folders and filter your photos in to those folders. Not like the old method of keeping it all in the one camera roll folder.

After installing iOS8.0.2, which is currently available to download and install, suddenly all of my photos that were stored in my old camera roll are now available. So I have all of my photos from when I first recieved my phone. Good news! I do love the 2014 montage of photos, it looks awesome with all the tiny photos.


There are a few things that you need to bear in mind though: you have to make sure your photos are backed up to the iCloud, especially if you are doing this on a new iPhone 6. iCloud is a great way of backing everything up, it stores it in the “clouds” above and means you can access them anywhere from any of your apple devices. This is Apples thoughts behind the new iOS8 upgrade: being able to share your photos and videos logically and really easily between devices. Both my iPad and iPhone are synced together using iOS8 and it is brilliant, sharing photos is instant and that makes life a lot better. I can finally stayed organised, automatically!


How do I upgrade to iOS 8.0.2?

Go to Settings > General > Software Update and “Download and Install”. Follow the onscreen instructions, agree to the terms and conditions and then your phone will restart with the new functions added and bugs fixed.

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018