Award winning QHotels are running a fantastic competition to be a#QHotelsFamilyAmbassador and we leapt at the chance to enter. After spending two weeks in a holiday suite with the tots, thinking about how to entertain them when in the room was something that was on my mind daily. Thankfully I had thought about this before hand I took things with us to help keep them occupied. So when I saw this competition, it was just a chance to write down everything I had been thinking about.


Let me tell you a bit about us…

We are a family of 4: Mummy, Daddy (the professional photographer), Noah aged 3 and very nearly 4 and little Isla who is a lovely age of 2. Yes, our hands are full and yes I believe if you can make the Constants happy in a stay at QHotels then you can make any family that stay with you happy! That is how confident I am. The tots are just in to everything, they don’t stop and trying to keep them occupied is something I am constantly trying to do and this goes for Daddy too! He is a busy man, always wanting to get up and do something and be kept busy. Then there is me, little Mummy who tries to hold it all together until bedtime – when I flop! We have stayed in many hotels, we do a lot with the children and I believe we could get some real insights into life with small children on the go. It would also give us a great excuse to have some family fun along the way, making lovely new memories – which is what it’s all about in the long run.

The Quackers pack

I really love the fact that QHotels have the Quackers packs for kids, it is such a thoughtful idea. As most of you will understand, staying in a hotel without the comforts of your child locks and stairgates, it can be quite stressful with toddlers in tow. Especially nosey ones, like mine. They would explore the room within seconds, open all the drawers and cupboards and quite possibly try to test that the water works! Cue taps… You currently get 4 colourful crayons, 2 x Quackers badges, A flag to colour in, A postcard to send back to friends and family back home, A colouring in sheet, A fun puzzle and activity booklet, An envelope addressed to Mummy and Daddy containing a £20 voucher (to redeem off a future two-night stay!).

So what would I change or add to develop the Quackers pack further for little tots that stay at QHotels, well firstly I would split the bags into sexes: A Quackers bag and a Quackerettes bag! (One for a boy and one for a girl).

I love the fact you get crayons in the bags, but my kids eat wax crayons so considering colouring pencils for me would be something on the list. Even better those twistable crayons that do not need a sharpener! Badges and stickers are always a winner with the children, a page of duck stickers would be a great little addition. The flag and postcard is a great idea, really thoughtful too.

The only thing I would like add to both boy and girl bags is a disposable camera, you will be at the hotel because you are on a trip and I thought the idea of a disposable camera to capture photos of your trip was a nice keepsake, plus what child doesn’t love playing with things like that. Noah would absolutely LOVE taking photos of his room and what he does on his adventures, so it made me think of putting it in an activitity pack.


I have taken the colouring in sheet idea a little further:

The boy bag

In the boy bag I would add a little matchbox sized car and a colouring in sheet with a road map drawn on it, so that the car can be used on the road map. Something to colour in and something to play with afterwards, my little man loves his cars and it would come with him for the entire trip.


The girl bag

For the little girlies, I was thinking of a similar idea but having a little dolly with a colouring in pop up background for the doll. So again, something to play with and something to colour in at the same time.


 So here goes, my ideas on what to put in the activity packs along with my crazy “Constant” family this is my entry. Hope you like the ideas, or at least the concepts to be taken further. In the meantime look out for my entry and vote for me on the QHotels website:

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