When we stayed at Eurocamp Domaine des Ormes we got to try out the Ultimate holiday home at Eurocamp, 3 bedrooms with covered decking. There are a lot of differences in how it feels compared to the previous accommodation we have stayed in. This post details some of the upgrades and a little floor plan if anyone is looking to book this accommodation.

What do you get with an ultimate?

The obvious upgrades to this accommodation are the fact you get the beds made and a cleaning package included. I would not have appreciated making all the beds at 3am when we arrived onsite, so this was a lifesaver! The decking is covered and comes with a really lovely outdoor dining set and 2 sun loungers. It is the largest of the accommodations and you can feel the difference, the living area and main bedroom are a lot bigger. The bed in the main bedroom is also larger than normal, it was really comfortable.

The TV is just a TV with outputs, no local or satellite included, so bring a Switch or device. We plugged in the switch and watch YouTube, listened to music and used it in that way over the week. We had free Wi-Fi in the mobile home too, which was useful.

The kitchen had an oven, microwave, kettle, Nespresso machine, toaster, fridge freezer, dishwasher and plenty of cupboards. Bed linen and 2 towels for each person too, you will need a beach towel for the pools so don’t forget them.

Ultimate holiday home floor plan

This is my quick attempt at a floor plan for you to see how the ultimate range is laid out. There is a larger double bedroom and open plan kitchen-living area. There seemed to be more storage in the mobile home too, which is good for packing all of the clothes and food away.

What we loved

We loved the living space in this accommodation, it was nice to all be in the same room whilst we were cooking, eating and cleaning up. One of the sofas changed into a sofa bed, so if you did need an extra room (to separate children or adults) you could have a bed made up in the living area.

Top Tip: If the outdoor furniture is missing the cushions, check under the main bedroom bed (it’s an ottoman style bed)

This will save you a call to reception!

The one thing that I find frustrating is sharing 1 toilet between the 4 of us. But it was only for a week, so I have to not get too grumpy about it. I like to have 2 toilets when we go away and the Ultimate range didn’t seem to have this option.

End of stay

Yes, you get the end of stay cleaning included with this accommodation option, but that doesn’t mean you just leave it without cleaning at all. You must still strip the bedding off the beds, empty the bins and do all of the washing up. Things like cleaning toilets, showers and dusting the property is what will be done for you. It is a massive help when you are trying to vacate the property with the kids.

Have you stayed in the Ultimate holiday home at Eurocamp before? What did you think about the size of the bedroom and living area? What is your favourite accommodation at Eurocamp?