After waking up to beautiful sunshine, following on from our busy day at the Baby Show, we had to decide what we were going to do for the day; the Constant’s quickly got to work. Daddy had work to do this morning, so Noah & Mummy decided to tidy Noah’s penthouse… this ended up in moving Noah’s furniture around and getting it ready for numero 2’s arrival! I’ve moved Noah’s cotbed to the opposite corner, so that he has his own “half” of his penthouse suite, which is the furthest away from the door (so when the other one joins him, I do not have to walk past Noah to get to the newborn).

This was when it was nearly finished; as you can see Noah has his half, cot in one corner, toys in the other and his CBeeBies hook up near by. The door in the middle is the entrance to Noah’s bathroom, which I am in the middle of painting Disney characters on the walls, so I will show you that area when it’s done.

After sorting out the penthouse, Noah napped in his cotbed in the new location and there was no problem what so ever, which was great. The reason I wanted to move it so early on, was because I wanted him to get used to being in that corner. The idea will be that we will get another cotbed for numero 2 to go in the corner where the crib is at the moment and that will be the nursery corner. Fingers crossed we will be getting a lovely new cotbed very soon, so I can start cooing over it!

When Noah woke up we took him to the park, where Daddy gave him his first football lesson, which consisted of telling Noah to kick the ball and Noah picking it up and throwing it; this resulted in the following video haha:

After lots of park time fun and taking hundreds of cute photos of Noah (which I will upload as soon as Daddy has done his magic with them) we went to the Harvester for dinner – yummy! Daddy had gammon steak and Mummy had chicken and ribs, guess who also enjoyed their very first rib:

Its been a perfect Sunday with my little family, its great enjoying Noah – he is such a funny little boy… Love him squillions!


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Last Update: Sunday, 26th February 2012