With summer just around the corner the last thing you need is dry and frazzled hair. A little preparation before you set off on holiday and a change in routine whilst on holiday may be all you need to protect your colour and prevent your hair resembling that of the scarecrow in The Wizard Of Oz! I always end up with a big frizz when the weather is humid. 

Your hair suffers from an onslaught of salt water, chlorine, bright sunlight, uv rays, heat and humidity during the summer, which all take their toll. Whilst sunny days are fabulous for our well being and happiness, our hair, if given the option would rather languish in the depths of winter! It’s important to look after the health of your hair year round by using products that meet your hair type. More information can be found here regarding the best conditioners suitable for your particular hair type.

Here are some of the ways you can combat damage.


Frizzy hair is so annoying, you set off in the morning with beautifully coiffed locks, only to resemble a brillo pad an hour later. Frizziness is caused by humidity, rays from the sun and dry hair. Some people are more prone to frizzy hair than others and it is a particular problem for those with wavy/curly hair. Firstly concentrate on the overall condition of your hair by using moisturising products. Ensure you have regular trims as dry ends are likely to frizz and choose a simple unfussy hairstyle.

Sun damage

You need to protect your hair from the sun, as you do your skin. Sun damage causes colours to fade and your hair to dry out dramatically. To combat sun damage keep your hair covered whilst sunbathing with hats and scarves. There are products available, which you apply to your hair prior to heading off to the beach in order to protect your tresses, when you wash your hair later your hair will be lovely and soft.

Chlorine damage

Your hair can become damaged and dry from chlorine in swimming pools and the sea. Before swimming soak your hair through and apply a leave in conditioner, this will prevent the chemicals from being absorbed too much.

Ditch the heated appliances

Try to get a hairstyle that looks good when left to dry naturally. Overuse of straighteners, hair dryers and tongs can dry your hair out. Just tie your hair back or use hair accessories to tame wild locks. It will be a refreshing change to your usual hair routine.

Avoid brushing your hair

Brushing your hair encourages frizz. The better option would be to detangle your hair using a wide toothed comb or your fingers. Use plenty of conditioner to discourage knots.

Eat healthily

Eating a healthy well balanced diet will ensure your hair is in it’s optimal condition, this will allow your hair to recover from damage quickly as your hair strands will be strong and elastic.

Most importantly, don’t stress if your hair isn’t looking at its absolute best, as everyone else will be in the same situation! Enjoy the summer and learn to love hair that has that “I’ve just returned from the beach look”!             


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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th May 2018