When it comes to cleaning jobs around the house, one of the most time-consuming and often frustrating jobs is cleaning the grout between tiles. Dirt and grime always seem to build up fast, making it feel like a never-ending cleaning cycle. I hate it!

Dirty grout not only looks unpleasant to the eye, but it ages the tile, and can even lead to mould if not dealt with properly. So, what is the secret to getting your grout looking as good as new? Is it all about the elbow-grease, or are there products that prove to be incredibly effective when it comes to cleaning? Well, I’ve uncovered the secrets to cleaning grout and I’m ready to share them.

Understand the Nature of Grout

It’s important to understand why your grout gets as dirty as it does, and what makes it so hard to get clean. Grout is a porous material, which means it absorbs pretty much anything that is spilled or splashed on it. Think of it as a magnet for mess.

Cleaning Light to Medium Stains

Cleaning light to medium stains is the ideal situation. You never want to wait for the point that the mess becomes really caked on and deep, as it will be that much harder to clean. There are plenty of grout cleaning products on the market, or you can choose to make your own simple cleaning solution.

An effective homemade cleaning solution is one gallon of water to 3/4 cup bleach. Mix these together and then use a toothbrush or small stiff bristled brush to scrub at the grout. Keep in mind, the darker the stain, the more pressure you’re going to need to use. Make sure when using this cleaning solution that you use safety glasses and keep the area well ventilated.

Cleaning Deep Caked on Mess

Deep caked on grime requires a lot more work to get the grout looking clean again. You can use that same solution mentioned above or you can try this other effective method. Simply sprinkle baking soda on the grime, and then spray it with plain white vinegar from a spray bottle. Use a stiff brush or toothbrush to scrub at the dirt. You will then need to rinse away the dirt.

Contact the Professionals

Even with all the tips, advice, and help in the world, some people just don’t have the time and energy to clean their grouting. If that’s the case, then a good option is to contact a professional grout cleaning company. Experts are armed with the knowledge, products, and tools necessary to get the job done. They can even take old tiles and get it back to looking brand new again. All of this can be done without any effort on your part.

Great Looking Grout in No Time

There is no reason to keep letting dirt and grime build up, as there are all kinds of cleaning solutions depending on how much time you have to clean and how dirty the mess is.

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Last Update: Friday, 16th June 2017