Your home is a highly personal space. It should be warm and inviting, regardless of the season, and allow you to truly relax. People often think of winter warmth when they’re trying to make their homes cosier, but cosiness also encompasses the idea that your home is comfortable and showcases your personality in a pleasing manner. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, but below are some simple tips to help you get started. If you come home from a long day at work and immediately feel welcomed and comforted by your surroundings, you’re doing something right.



The Importance of Lighting

Nothing changes the feel of a room quite like lighting. Try switching ‘cool’ bulbs to ‘warm’ ones, and pick yellower lighting over whiter lighting. Invest in some small table lamps, as these bring the lighting down to a more human level and will give large rooms a sense of scale. Remember that low-level lights will make any room feel warmer, cosier and more intimate.

Wood Burning Stoves

If you’re serious about the country living look, you’ll know that no farmhouse or cottage would be complete without a wood burning stove. They can be purchased from a variety of retailers and online from sites like , so make sure you choose one that suits your budget and the requirements of the room where it will be situated. You’ll be glad of the stove during the autumn and winter months.

Choosing Furniture

When you’re selecting furniture for your home, don’t go for pieces that simply look good. If you’re after a cosy atmosphere, you need to choose items that feel great to sit down or curl up on. The perfect sofa or armchair should strike a balance between looking lovely and feeling wonderful when you flop into it. If you’re using old or second-hand furniture, consider using rugs and throws to add comfort and transform a battered or damaged item. When shopping for furniture, think about whether you would be happy to curl up on a particular piece, drinking tea and reading or chatting with friends. If the answer is ‘no’, you haven’t found the right item yet. It’s a better idea to mix and match rather than to buy all your furniture from the same store. Although furniture showrooms often look attractive, they are not homely and can look rather clinical within the setting of a real home. Choose things that ‘go’ together rather than things that completely match one another. A mixture of interesting pieces will create visual texture and immediately lend the space an air of cosiness. Don’t hesitate to incorporate vintage or antique furniture into rooms with more contemporary pieces.

Think Tactile

Fill your home with things that you want to touch. This may seem strange, but it will enhance the overall feel of cosiness. Fluffy rugs and patterned throws are great for this, as are textured cushions. Wooden furniture that looks worn or distressed will make the room seem warmer and more rustic, and leather sofas and chairs also work well.


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Last Update: Wednesday, 28th May 2014