Noah was sent a great selection of Organix goodies:

From the 12month+ range we were sent 7 great Organix tasty treats: a Beef Stew & Dumplings Mighty Meal, Raisins & Chopped Apricots dried fruit, Mini Gingerbread Men, Mini Cheese Crackers, Vege & Oat Savoury Snack, Raspberry & Apple Oaty Bar and Cheese & Herb Puffs.

Mighty Meals, Beef & Stew Dumplings. My favourite meal, well one of and certainly a hit with Noah. The meal was a perfect portion, took minutes to heat up and was ready for Noah quickly – often is the way that Noah says he’s hungry when he cannot wait any longer, so it’s all systems to go to get dinner ready. He really enjoyed the meal, it was chopped up enough that he could scoop it up easily with his spoon and eat it with no

 trouble, I did cut the dumplings up for him as he hadn’t had them before and I don’t think he understood what they were. The beef was also perfectly portioned and not chewy, it was really well thought out by the Organix team. He loved it! I have to admit, I did have a little bit of this meal as I was intrigued and I wish that they did meals for us Mummy’s too – it was really tasty and had a perfect balance of all ingredients. To make things even better the ingredients are all organic, so I knew it was healthy and great for my little tot! You can buy this meal on the Organix website under Mighty Meals.

Savoury and Sweet Cereal Bars. We were sent a Savoury Sweetcorn & Red Pepper cereal bar and a Raspberry & Apple Oaty bar. Which Noah loved both of them. The texture is really moist, so its not like a crumbly hard biscuit that goes everywhere – which we all know toddlers do not sit still and eat things! It was moist and therefore Noah was able to eat the bars whilst holding the wrappers around the bottom, which is definitely an achievement.

Noah was able to sit and eat his bars as part of our 10:30am break, Noah had his Oaty bar and mummy had her choc chip cookies, which do not have a NO JUNK PROMISE like the Organix cereal bars. They are really slim bars which slot into pockets of the changing bag really nicely, so you can take them places and even slot into your purse – if you are going somewhere and know that you might need bribery tools! There is just enough of the bar to keep Noah going, he finished it off and didn’t beg for more food. I thought we would have trouble getting Noah eating the savoury one, but he didn’t bat an eyelid – he loved it! What a great way of getting vegetables into your toddler at snack time.

Mini Cheese Crackers, Mini Gingerbread Men, Cheese & Herb Puffs and Raisins/Chopped Apricots. Well Noah enjoyed his fantastic snacks from Organix with his best friend Joseph one afternoon. They shared the crackers, Gingerbread Men and dried fruit together and miraculously without fighting about the food. There was ample in the packets to be shared between the two toddlers and they obviously tasted yummy because we had empty packets after 10 minutes. The fruit was tasty and a nice alternative to just plain Raisins and the crackers and gingerbread men were just the right size for little mouths. Noah and Joseph enjoyed biting the gingerbread men heads off! 

Noah had his Cheese & Herb Puffs with his lunch and they were a great accompaniment, provided a nice extra and they were a great snack. They are light and fluffy, you can really tell they are good snacks to have and the flavouring was really nice too. I thought they might be a bit too herby for Noah, but he really enjoyed them. Its made me realise that half the time its me that worries about his food too much and I should just let him get on with it – he loves trying new things and really enjoys these new flavours.

Overall I was really impressed with how tasty the snacks were and the meal, how the quality of them was fantastic and also how much Noah enjoyed them.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019