My kiddies just love science. Did you know you do not need fancy equipment to impress your kids with experiments. There are plenty of awesome experiments that you can do without much effort and blow their minds even though they may not understand the explanation immediately. The following are some of the most interesting ones and you can do all of them at home.

The Pencil Trick

For this trick, you need some pencils, water, and a polythene bag. Use the pencils to pierce the polythene bag after filling it with water. The water will not seep out. Your kids will be fascinated. The explanation to this is that if you pierce the polythene bag before pouring in water, water will seep out. If, however, you insert the pencils after pouring in water, it won’t seep out because of the molecules of the polythene bag move closer together. The bag tightens around the pencil and keeps water from pouring out.

The Colourful Cabbage Trick

This experiment requires you to have four glasses of water, some cabbage leaves, and food colouring. Add the food colouring to the water and place the cabbage leaves in different glasses and leave them overnight. In the morning, each one of the cabbage leaves will have absorbed the food colour in a process known as the capillary effect. The water with food colouring passes through the tubules of the cabbage leaves which explains the colourful cabbage leaves.

The Floating Egg Experiment

You need two eggs, some salt, and two glasses of water for this experiment. Place one of the eggs in a glass of water. On the other glass of water, add some salt and place your second egg. The egg that is in pure water will sink and the one in salty water will float. This is so because the two glasses of water have different densities. On average, the density of an egg is higher than that of pure water so it sinks. The density of salt water is higher than the density of an egg so it floats.

Crystallised Candy

For this experiment, you need five glasses of sugar, two glasses of water, food colouring, a saucepan, clear glasses, some thick paper, and wooden kebab sticks. Use a little sugar and some water to make some sugar syrup. Take a small piece of paper and sprinkle some sugar on it. Use the wooden kebab sticks to stir the mixture until sugar starts to stick on them. Lay the sticks on a piece of paper and leave them out overnight.

On the next morning, mix two glasses of water with five glasses of sugar and dissolve them in a heated saucepan to make syrup. Leave it to cool for about 15 minutes before pouring it out in jars. Add some food colouring and place the wooden sticks in them ensuring that they stay away from the sides. The result is sugar crystals forming on the wooden sticks. This is because as the temperature reduces, the syrup becomes less soluble.

Hopefully your child will enjoy the ideas given above. There are plenty of fun activities and experiments that you can do with your child using common ingredients and equipment you probably have at home already. If you are looking for more ideas on fun activities to do with your child, STARWALK Kids provides you with helpful information about the right activities and games for children of all ages.

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Last Update: Thursday, 7th February 2019