We love Hape wooden products, they are really well made and make for great imaginative play. The wooden marble run was a favourite for Isla, this Mighty Mountain Mine is perfect for little train lovers. It kept the kiddies entertained for hours, and Mummy whilst she built it of course.

The Mighty Mountain Mine comes with so many things to do, it’s endless. The mountain comes with 4 levels, from top to bottom there is something to do each step of the journey. On the top level you can use the crane to load up your trains and send them on their way. There is a waterfall tunnel next to the crane, so you have to pass that to get down the mountain.

You can flip the mountain around to make it look like water is really moving. It’s very clever. Noah loves flipping it around. There are lots of bridges and tunnels to navigate. I like the one with the bell hanging within it. There is even a repair station on the mountain.

When your trains get to the bottom of the mine and deliver their ore – you can put the ore onto the conveyor belt and it makes it way back up to the top of the mountain again. You can play with this for hours of fun.

It took around half an hour to build, all I needed was a screwdriver and the instructions were really clear. I did need Daddy’s help at one point to balance the thing together correctly.

You can buy this Hape Mighty Mountain Mine from Argos, currently £169.99. We definitely give it the thumbs up – even Rambo wanted to play with it!

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Last Update: Monday, 28th January 2019