IMG_2713I am really looking forward to the nicer weather and making the most out of our trampoline in the garden. Noah loves the trampoline (which he can now say, so you cant avoid going out on it).

As you can see from our You Tube video last year, Noah loves bouncing and jumping – not as high as Daddy though:

We made sure that when we got the trampoline it was kitted out appropriately for the little ones, so we made sure we had the pads and the enclosure. This way Noah can’t bounce off into the garden and harm himself. Big Game Hunters have a great selection of trampolines and accessories, I would really recommend them.


Recently we took Isla out on the trampoline, wrapped up with her nice warm coat of course and she loved it. She was bouncing on her knees and giggling her head off when Noah bounced in front of her. I can see this being a big thing over Spring and Summer. I’m looking forward to it!



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Last Update: Saturday, 6th April 2013