Mother of two and Interior Designer to the stars Celia Sawyer believes that family is the most important thing. Because of this, Celia was the chosen guest judge for the Colief Infant Drops ‘Comfy Cribs competition’, where parents were asked to share pictures of their little one’s nursery on the Colief Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ColiefUKIE) to win the title of Best Girl’s, Best Boy’s or Most Creative Crib.

If your baby is suffering with colic, keeping them calm and comfortable can really help. Here, Celia shares her top five tips on how you can create the most comfortable living space for your little one.

  1.  COLOUR: Choose your colours wisely to promote a calm, tranquil and relaxing environment for yourselves and your baby
  2. MUSIC: Add music to your baby’s nursery, classical music is great for relaxing and nursery rhymes are fun for playtimes.
  3. TEMPERATURE: Room temperature is the key to baby’s comfort and safety, invest in a good room thermometer to monitor this.
  4. MAKE IT COMFORTABLE FOR MUM & DAD: Have a rocking chair for nursing, ideally an ottoman, remember if you are comfortable and relaxed it will help your baby to be.
  5. AVOID CLUTTER: Ensure your nursery contains all the essentials but avoid clutter, floor space is really important for you to lay out with and play with your baby.
Celia Sawyer, a business woman and mother of two, is the owner of the influential Knightsbridge interior design company cool10 luxury interiors. Celia is a property developer, art and collectables dealer, who also invests in film projects and script development. celia


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Last Update: Friday, 5th April 2013