Five nightlights for kids in 2018

When the night falls and you are more tired than your little one, you know that you have to find a trick to help him fall asleep. For a parent, it is not easy to find entertaining yet useful nightlights for kids. It’s way past 9 pmand you know that your kids should have been sleeping for a while now. However, no lullaby or game seem to work when trying to put them into their pajamas.

This is the moment when the lightbulb blinks and you’ve got the brightest idea. You could use some nicelyshaped, colorful nightlights with soothing music to help your kid fall asleep in no time. In case the examples mentioned below are not enough, you can see this additional resource for more ideas about nighlights for kids.

General Guidelines

Some kids refuse to go to bed at night only because they have heard so many stories with monsters crawling from underneath the bed, in darkness. This horrible picture can haunt them down even when they grow up.

Every parent is a hero for their children. That is why you have to show them how you protect them from the monster in the closet or fromunderneath the bed when you are not around. Nightlights for children can turn bedtime from frightening and scary to pleasant and soothing. Furthermore, parents will also be able to avoid all the stress, and staying up all night when their kid has nightmares.

Evolving from the Traditional

Nowadays, nightlightscan have interesting shapes and colors, evolving from the traditional lightbulb that you used to plug into the wall. Besides illuminating the room with a dim light, these incredible nightlights are also able to help the kid fall asleep faster.

Since there are so many models and styles, it can become a real challenge to choose the appropriate nightlight for your kid. You can find the most adorable nightlights shaped into your toddler’s favorite animal. Isn’t that amazing?

1.  Animal-Shaped Nightlights

You can choose a plush nightlight which projects a starry sky onto the walls and ceiling. Furthermore, you can even choose the colors of those stars, offering a soothing and relaxing sleep environment. This way, your toddler will eagerly wait for bedtime to enjoy that incredible setting. Many of these animal-shaped nightlights feature an auto shutoff timer.

Usually, this timer turns off the light after about 40 minutes. In case your toddler enjoys the show that the nightlight puts up, they can simply turn it back on since it is extremely easy to use. Therefore, if your kid loves unicorns or turtles, you should consider purchasing an animal-shaped nightlight.

2.  The Crystal Globe

This nightlight is shaped like a magic crystal globe, being equipped with eight different color modes. Hence, your kid will never get bored of this nightlight, cycling through all the modes. It is one of the most interesting nightlights one can buy for their kids.

The nightlight also has incorporated a speaker. You can easily connect it to an audio source using an AUX cable. This way, you can play some soothing music via your kid’s favorite nightlight.

3.  Superhero Nightlights

If your toddler loves Spider-Man, Super Man or any other superhero, then you already know what you should buy them next. Kids usually feel more protected when their superhero guards them during the night. Hence, a Spider-Man nightlight could be a great idea. Your toddler will feel safe and they will fall asleep faster.

You can find this nightlight for kids shaped like different superhero characters. For instance, you can choose between The Avengers, Ironman, and Batman. Even if thenightlightis colorful, the light is gentle, preventing your kids from staying awake.

4.  Portable Nightlight

Who said kids cannot play with their nightlight until they fall asleep? Now you can purchase a portable spherical nightlight for your toddler. The luminous globes look as if they are straight from the moon. It works both plugged in or plugged out.

Your little one can remove the bright balls from the stand and play with them or hold them until they fall asleep. The light is very soothing, inspiring your kid to dream about the moon and stars.

5.  Touch-Sensitive Nightlight

If your kid is not a superhero fan and they do not particularly love a certain animal, you can still find something cute for them. Your toddler can fall asleep faster if you purchase a touch-sensitive nightlight for them.

You should try to find a cute one, with a lovely smile. Now your little one will have a new friend, enjoying the squeezable, touch-sensitive bedside lamp. You will both be joyful and ready for bed.


Bedtime is one of the most important parts of the day for kids. Parents always need to make sure that their little ones fall asleep at the right time, after checking under the bed and turning on their favorite nightlight. Children need to feel safe in the darkness.

Hence, they need to know that there is something there on their nightstand which provides soothing light and even pleasant music. Parents should consider purchasing nightlights for kids to scare away all the nightmares and monsters, offering their kids a good rest.


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Friday 15 June 2018
Five nightlights for kids in 2018

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