Yep, I have been watching a lot of friends this week, which obviously inspired the title. This is a post about what got me started on the blogging road and how this blog kicked off. I think it’s important to remember what inspired you to write in the first place and it also might be helpful if anyone is just starting off. So, what kicked it all off and led me down the path of a #MummyBlogger: 

Pregnancy journal 

Basically, I wanted a pregnancy journal. That is why I started blogging. I knew a paper diary would either get lost over time or I would just stop filling it in. My first posts were literally a journal of my pregnancy: how big my tummy was, what I felt like, what happened in my appointments and anything special that happened that week. I also thought it was a great way to look back on these posts when the children get older, as it will always be online. 

My very first post was on 9 April 2010, I was 9 weeks pregnant and it’s an introduction as to how I am feeling. I love reading these older posts back. It really makes me feel happy. 

This halfway there post is a great reminder of when Hubby and I went to London and how I was starting to show. I used to capture my measurements too. 

Meet baby Rainbow has to be one of my favourite posts, I remember feeling so excited about our halfway baby scans and we got some really details in there too. It makes me feel just as excited now when I think back. I love the profile of Noah’s face, it is the same now. Rainbow was our bumps nickname. 

Looking at my 29 week bump photo just makes me laugh. I look like I am carrying an army! 

Newborn journal 

I then started to detail our adventures as a family. What we used to get up to with a little Noah in toe and our second pregnancy journal (in a little more detail than my first). We had an 18 month gap between the kiddies, so when Noah was 9 months old I was pregnant again. Literally the same amount of time as it takes to grow a little human. Noah’s 1 year check is a fun post, it’s amazing to see how much Noah has changed – but not at the same time. I know that sounds crazy. 

Reviews and competitions

Over some years, as I wrote more and more content, brands wanted to start working with me. This part of my blog is fun, I love being able to show people what things are out there and what is good to have. I write my blog as memories, first and foremost though, not for stuff. Competitions are a good way of giving back to my readers, I really enjoy picking a winner and making sure they get their prizes! 

What’s in the future #MummyBlogger

I am fast approaching my 8 year anniversary. 8 years of memories and photos documented in this blog. It is amazing that I kept up with it, despite working full time/part time and having 2 children all in this time. I am not sure there will be anymore pregnancy journals on this blog, but there will definitely be a lot of fun times ahead and family adventures

Thank you for reading my blog and following our journeys. 

You can’t really see my first posts properly, the text is there but I need to do some work and get the photos back in the content. I transformed my blog from Blogger to WordPress after a year or so and I lost some of the content in the transfer. 

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