The past 9 weeks have been very emotional and exciting. I finally feel ready to start “admitting” that this is actually happening.  Dean and myself checked my belly bump yesterday and you can definately see a bump now, although I am only 9 weeks gone. But I have been advised that because I am a tiny person, I may show before some others usually would. (As I dont have much room to hide it). 
I wanted to start this blog so that I can reflect on the progress of Baby Constant over the next couple of years, from “bean” to “baby”, so to speak. My friend created a blog for her pregnancy and its a fantastic read – so I wanted to do the same thing. Just think in a few years time, my little bean could be reading about him/her self.
Well this morning was not a good start, I was sick in the garden whilst returning from the dog walk and then made it to the bathroom… thankfully. So all in all not been a fantastic day, but I am learning to get on with it and try to ignore the pleasures of “morning” sickness. I tend to feel worse when I get into bed, maybe its because the little one doesnt want to rest!!
I found out that Baby can now hear when loud things happen around me and that Baby is moving around alot now, but I wont be able to feel it at the moment. Its getting very exciting. 
I had my first dream about Baby on Saturday, I dreamt that me and Dean had just come home from the hospital and I was feeding Baby for the first time. It was very real and felt really nice. I am really looking forward to November. 
Our scan appointment still hasn’t come through the post yet, maybe it will be there when I get home from work – who knows!! 
When bump gets a little more prominent I will start doing a photo of bump… but it’s probably not worth it right now.

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Last Update: Sunday, 25th February 2018