The past month has been so amazing, hectic and changing that we haven’t stopped to soak it all up until now…. Noah’s 2nd Christmas was fabulous, he was spoilt rotten by everyone and he had chance to perfect his walking skills which have just been getting better and better everyday. He’s fully walking now, still a little wobbly and he still cant stand up when he falls down too quickly buy he wants to walk everywhere and boy dont we know about it! No one told me that 14 month tots can be so clever… He has worked out how to throw a strop and how to cry purposely, how to shout at mummy and daddy, oh and how to make himself a dead weight when he doesn’t want to go somewhere!! How do they know this stuff? I certainly do not behave like that, it must just all be part of his learning journey…

On the positive side he is speaking and singing some words, understands what you are saying to him, walks and sometimes runs (depending on if your chasing him), plays with his toys properly and is learning emotion. If I ask him to laugh, he does. He knows what it is. If I tell him no, he cries as he thinks he will get his own way and make me feel guilty. He gives massive cuddles and will walk up to me and daddy and just give us hugs and kisses, which is amazing. Small things like that are what i will cherish forever. It’s so cute.

Over New Year we went to Lancashire with some friends and did lots of dog walking, playing and learning. Admittedly one word does sound rather like sh** but I’m sure it’s the start of another word that he hasn’t mastered yet. Fingers crossed. Our friends said how good he is and how they missed him when we had got back home, which is really sweet. I am very lucky that he is such a good boy (most of the time) haha.

We got him his first pair of big boy shoes yesterday, we went to Clarks and got him measured up and he now has tiny little 3 size “cruisers”… He looks adorable in them, made me all teary in the shop. Sad but it’s the first time I’ve done it and I’m sure next time it’ll not be as special, he had his photo taken and everything!!

They grow up so fast… I can’t even comprehend how quickly it’s gone and how much he’s changed from Day 1. I love him though and wouldn’t change my family for the world…

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Last Update: Sunday, 8th January 2012