Well Saturday 7th was my birthday, a whole 29 years old and this was the first birthday I had a bump for… And I mean an actual baby bump not THE birthday bumps.

I got a lovely card from bump and Noah and got completely spoilt from everyone. I was very lucky.

Bump has been doing a lot of growing & it’s starting to feel awkward now… But we’re coping and now Noah is totting around he entertains himself with chasing the dogs and playing with his toys so I don’t have to be chasing around after him all the time. Baby proofing our lounge was the best idea… If you haven’t done yours yet, I would totally recommend it before baby starts crawling!

Well we are 23 weeks, the bump measures — cms and Mummy Constant weighs -st.

The baby is definitely alot more active than Noah was at this stage, but I assumed that would be the case with my second as with Noah I had extra cushioning on the front of my belly where his placenta was and this time baby 2 has it at the back. So at the moment I am visibly seeing elbows, hands, feet and sometimes you can feel where it’s head is moving around. It does feel totally bizarre but lovely at the same time, I do wake up some mornings thinking – is this baby trying to rip me open to get out! “sorry little bump but you have to stay in there for another 17 weeks or so”. 17 weeks sounds like forever in my mind, but what with my friend Carly due yesterday and my god-daughters mummy expecting a new baby brother or sister within the next 3 weeks, I guess it’ll fly by and then slow down in February. Then in March/April my best friends sister is due her 2 little pink flavoured twins… So thats going to make the time go quicker too! When I sit and think about it, I have less than 4 calendar months to wait until babies due date, which doesn’t sound as far away as 17 weeks! As I don’t usually get time to think about it, you never know April will come around sooner than to be expected.

I watched one born every minute this week, the first time since having Noah. So not only have I been through it, I’m cooking another one to do it all again in a few months… It was quite “educational” watching OBEM as it made me see what I went through, if I’m honest I remember it hurting and I remember bits, I remember roughly around the edges from bits hubby and Mumma have told me too, but I wasn’t really there in that room. The gas and air as Pethadine made me feel very drunk, I can’t explain it better than that. I was hearing people but not seeing faces, doing things when told but not really listening and I barely remember seeing Noah in his first few minutes. Which I do regret massively, I wish I could have spent more time with Noah in his first few hours but as he was in baby special care I cant be selfish. Maybe this time around I will be more alert and aware, maybe I won’t need the Pethadine! We shall see… I’m intrigued to hear how my friend Hayley gets on as she only had paracetemol with my little god daughter Freya! Which to me is amazing…

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  • olivia kirby
    Sunday, January 8, 2012

    Happy Birthday! Mine is the 28th, but i’ll be 35 πŸ™ i have 3 kids and never been pregnant on my birthday!! my first was born the week before mine tho (the 21st). Hope you have had a lovely weekend x x

    • noahconstant
      Sunday, January 8, 2012

      Thanks Olivia, I have had an amazing weekend. I think its been my best birthday yet. Not sure if thats related to the bump, Noah or Hubby, or just a combination of the lot of them. My family and Deans family spoilt me rotten too, I have been overwhelmed with lovely thoughtful presents. x