Noah’s family tree… Where I came from?

I thought it was important to have my family tree, so that when Noah and baby numero 2 grow up, they can see where they came from and from who!

It all started about 5 years ago when my grandparents were discussing the fact they had family that they didnt know, my Grandad had 2 sisters which he lost contact with about 40 years ago and they were not sure what had happened to them. This gave me the motivation I needed to get going! After sitting down with grandma and grandad for a couple of hours and finding out the basic bits, I was able to get involved in websites and subscriptions, census’ and certificates to track down the Bentley line for my Grandad.

This was the last photo my Grandad had with his 2 sisters when he went over to visit them in New Zealand, this was the last contact he had and he only managed to get there due to a posting whilst he was in the RAF.grandadmabelalice

Well, I started off by finding out about my Great Grandma, Amelia Rosetta Stockley, and sourcing the records for her birth, marriage and death and then expanding that search out to her children, my grandads sisters and brother. My grandads family history and life story is absolutely fascinating and Ive told him at the ripe old age of 89 he should write a book about it. His brother toured New Zealand as a lad and kept a diary of his journey and what he discovered, which I have nearly finished transcribing. Its simply fascinating! After locating the birth records for his siblings, I was then able to start tracing his sisters over to New Zealand where my grandparents knew they had gone back in 1948. It turns out, unfortunately, that I was late in locating them and I came across their burial documentation in Wanganui, which also led me to the cemetery where they were buried and I was able to speak to someone who worked there. They were able to check the plots for me and got back to me with details that it was indeed my Grandads sister, Alice. I knew Alice had a son called Mike, a memory my grandparents told me as they had met Mike many moons ago, so I looked through the New Zealand white pages to find the Mike in question and came across someone in the Wanganui area fitting the description, so, me being me, I called the number! I made sure to call when people are awake in New Zealand šŸ™‚

After the initial shock, on both parts, I was deeply excited to know that I had in deed contacted the right Mike and that he was in contact with Mabels family too. Mabel being grandads other sister, who sadly had also passed away.


In speaking to Alec, Mabels son, I was able to introduce our Bentley line to them and this led to Alec and his beautiful wife to come over and meet the family in 2009, whilst I was carrying Noah! It was a fantastic time and an absolutely amazing feeling, knowing that because of the years of work I had put into finding his family, I did and there they were together in grandads kitchen! I thinkĀ that’sĀ probably one of my greatest, privateĀ achievement’s, not many grandchildren can tell their families that they helped their grandad find his nephew from thousands of miles away.

My grandparents in the front row and Alec and Judy in the back row, I was overwhelmed with how much Alec and my grandad looked alike – you can tell they are family!grandadandgrandma

I think anyone that is contemplating finding their family members and researching their trees, should definately pursue it. IĀ haven’tĀ looked back at any point in doing mine and I am still going strong 5 years on…

I would be happy to help anyone get started into looking into their tree, or help with more complex matters, I think its such a good thing to have and especiallyĀ becauseĀ I have my own children now, I think its lovely that Noah will know where he came from.

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  • Great post, You should be very proud of this achievement, it must have been so wonderful for your grandparents to have reconnected with their family due to your hard work. I’m also researching my family history, because I want Bud to know where he comes from. I haven’t got any exotic stories like yours at the moment though.

  • Thanks… I am very proud! Not something you can say very often is it? šŸ™‚

    I think its great you are looking into yours too, Bud will love reading it when hes older and hearing stories of your family.

    PS love the name Bud šŸ™‚ x

  • […] Today marks the birthday of my little sister, who is 21, so in the past 7 months I have celebrated my Grandma’s 80th, my 30th, my Grandad’s 90th and now my little sisters 21st. I am very lucky to have such a beautiful family and such special celebrations to share with them. Today is also the birthday of my Great Grandma, my Grandma’s mum would have been 117 today. Sadly she passed away before I was born, so I never got the chance to meet her like Noah and Isla have with their great grandparents, but I hear stories and Grandma keeps photos around the house. This is a photo that Grandma and my Uncle have on display, my uncle took a lovely photo of it with some beautiful flowers. It made me smile and so I had to share it: My Great Grandma, Alice, was born on the 24th June 1896, it sounds like such a long time ago doesn’t it? She was born in Birkenhead and stayed there her whole life, where she married my Great Grandad John Jesse Williams in 1932. I think my Grandma looks a lot like her mum in this photo: I love finding out about my ancestry and I am always quizzing my grandparents about “What they did?” and “Where they came from?”, I have a hefty tree growing in my Ancestry account, its a little hobby of mine. I told you about how I found my Grandad’s New Zealand relatives in another post here. […]

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