I’ve never had a problem feeding Noah, he lets me feed him with a spoon/fork, no problemo… I have never really questioned this method until recently when I suddenly thought to myself maybe a bit of independence wouldn’t hurt him.

When baby número 2 swings by it will be nice if Noah can feed himself and be a “big boy”, so that mummy can be feeding newborn or dealing with what ever demands are on me at the time. I can imagine breast feeding and Noah feeding would be quite a pickle! Especially if we have the whole baby cries – Noah is going to cry situation going on. Fingers crossed we don’t get that.

Noah has always been pretty good at feeding himself food with his fingers, I have no worries about his hand/eye coordination but when it comes to using a fork to pick things up or a spoon and a yoghurt scenario I wasn’t sure how it would play out… But to my delight he was pretty darn perfect at it first time!

I gave him lasagne for dinner, followed by his favourite yogurts and to finish off a bowl of fruit and he seemed to enjoy mealtime a lot more with this new found independence. He managed to eat his yoghurt and get a lot around his face (which doesn’t bother me at all) and his spoon feeding skills got better with each mouthful.. He seems to have a put the spoon in the pot, dip it, take spoon and spin it into mouth approach. 🙂 As for the lasagne, well it would seem to anyone that didn’t know, Noah had been using a fork for his whole life as he just picked it all up and shoved it in his mouth…

It was a proud mummy moment, I’m glad he just takes to these things… He is such a delight to have (95% of the time haha)!


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Last Update: Wednesday, 2nd May 2012