Noah is growing up! That is really the main topic for August and this month he has shown that he understands a lot better than he did last month and he reacts differently to things. All signs that the little man is developing from a toddler to little boy – even in photos he is looking more grown up.


The notion of taking Noah to school hasn’t quite hit me properly yet and I cannot believe this time next year I will be preparing uniforms, school bags and preparing lunch box ideas for the shopping lists. But equally I am so excited about it all, bringing his friends home for dinner and helping him with his homework makes me beam with happiness. I was quite the academic, I talked a lot, but I studied hard and I was an A grade student throughout my school life. So I have high expectations for my little ones but they will get 100% support from me to achieve the goals they set for themselves. Equally I am not going to push him if he is not the academic that Mummy was – having a hands on approach and being a doer is just as productive when in the real world. We all make it go around!


Noah is learning rapidly, all the time, his memory is excellent, like mine, which helps him to learn quickly I think. His words are getting longer, more exciting sentence structure too, so he says things that I wouldn’t have expected him to say and getting his tense correct is coming along swimmingly. He used to say “I does” a lot and now he says it correctly, “I did” or “I do” which is brilliant and I am glad he is understanding the concepts of our rather complicated language. He does try to say things that he hears me and Daddy say, but he will use it incorrectly. This just makes me giggle, I do put him straight don’t get me wrong, but I love the fact he tries to speak like us and he tries to progress his vocabulary. It is great that he is adventurous with his descriptions and doesn’t just say “yes” or “no” when you ask him a question, it makes for a much more interesting conversation and boy this little man can talk!



We love playtime, everything is playtime even learning time. Of course when you are 3 and have the attention span of a gnat, learning can be tedious and sometimes spread over days instead of one hour session. But thats the life of a little one and I am happy to roll with it. We tried to get Noah to write his name, he does it well for about 3 minutes and we make it a game so its a little more fun than a school environment, but the concentration lasts a few minutes and them boom – it is on to the next thing. So I try to encourage a few minutes of learning into things we do at home, even if its picking the right colours of his toys or watching him line things up in an order/sequence. He is really clever, a very intelligent little man, but he really has a short concentration span.


Sibling love

Noah and Isla still squabble, thankfully it is only over toys and who is playing with what at the time. I say thankfully as I know some siblings squabble over attention from Mummy and Daddy, but I think we have always been quite even with our attention and we will ignore silly behaviour which counteracts some of the things that they do! They do have loving sibling moments too, holding hands and sharing things. You hear a little “here you go Isla” and a response back “thank you Noah”, which melts your heart and they haven’t really said anything exciting. But thats parenthood I suppose and thats what it is like when you have 2 little beauties.

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