I’d say this month has been the month of whinging and whining, I have never known anything like it! Despite knowing that he can do the things he whines about, he insists on whining about them and this includes crying until you just do them for him. I do hope this is a phase…


Noah Learning

Noah has been speaking and saying things that sound so grown up lately, it is quite surprising sometimes, you almost forget they are still only 3 and will not speak like William Shakespeare already! He does come out with some funny things though, things that he thinks are right – but they are clearly not. Like things needing petrol when they have run out of batteries – that will never fail to make me smile. He looked at my watch the other day and started to talk about the time, I am guessing they have looked at this at nursery – I didn’t realise he would know such things at this age. We discussed that it was nearly four o clock, and that at four o clock he would be having his dinner: clearly an important time for a toddler! He has learnt the alphabet this month, yes the alphabet and do you know it had nothing to do with me or Daddy, which makes me feel slightly disappointed. He has learnt it from his Leappad, he plays the alphabet song all the time and he has just learnt it letter by letter. He loves singing it and repeating it for all to hear, twenty million times a day. We have the alphabet chart pinned up in the playroom, so now we are singing the song and pointing to the letters at the same time, so that he learns what they are and what they look like and he seems to know them all too. There are a few letters he still cannot say very clearly but I know that will come on in leaps and bounds over the summer.



Noah still loves everything he has always loved: trains, cars, his Leappad, playing in the garden, drawing and building with his Lego. He has gathered a little more of his Thomas and Friends Take n Play collection this month, so Diesel has been introduced to the Constant household and is soaking up his new environment – we also have Stanley and another purple one too… more on the way may I add! I thought I would get him something as a special treat considering Isla will be getting a lot of lovely things on her birthday in a couple of weeks (Yes  I know). He still likes to flitter between activities and only when he is really concentrating on what he is playing with is he content, if Isla plays with a train that is it he stops what he is doing to remove said train from her kung fu tight grip and this goes on all day long. I know one day it will stop and they will share their toys better, but until that day comes it is a case of having ears open all the time and eyes at the back of your head – like every parent I suppose! We seem to have moved away from puzzles at the moment, not sure if that is because I hid most of them in a cupboard, but he seems to be really content with playing role play game and I can hear him talking to his trains and pretending to be a train – imaginative! Just like how I used to play when I was little.


Sibling Love

It is no great secret that the little ones fight over toys and over activities but there are quite a few points during the day where they do things that are just lovely – or they play nicely, or they chase each other around the garden giggling at every step. This is why we wanted children close in age, so that they would grow up playing together and that would be their life – togetherness. Noah has started to give Isla toys recently saying “here you are Isla, you play with this one” and you can see them sitting there playing with the trains on his track. We have been doing things with them separately a little bit too lately, although Noah is only 18months older than Isla, there is a small age gap, but at the moment that seems really large. Noah wants to do things that Isla doesn’t and so sometimes Noah has Daddy time and Isla has Mummy time – all this does it make them play nicer when they meet up again. Which is just lovely. I love watching them play together, it is really heart warming.


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Last Update: Monday, 28th April 2014