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As we all know, little Isla Rae loves her books and so does Mummy. I can’t help but grab books everywhere I go, especially Isla Rae has a cool new book rack. I picked up this sparkly Julia Donaldson book the other day, the singing mermaid. Books that rhyme are just so much more fun…



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The singing mermaid is a great little book, each page is a rhyme and it’s one of those books that you can read so easily and quickly because it flows incredibly well. The singing mermaid is tempted away from her little beach to a circus, where the mean circus man Sam Sly keeps her against her wishes. She is eventually found by her friends from the beach who hear her singing, but do they manage to save her? The illustrations are fantastic in this book too, Julia Monks has done a fantastic job of capturing the images described by Julia’s story. I definitely love the sparkly bonus too.

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This book is great as you can touch the pages to feel the glittery details, there is something sparkly and textured on every page – it is cute to see little Isla finding the sparkly part to each page as we progress through the story. She has started to say “mermaid book”, as she loves the mermaid story – she loves the little mermaid too so this is a fab bed time story to read to her. She also points to the bad man in the story and she says “bad man”. It is lovely to watch her learning as we read through books.

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