The last four weeks have been rather busy and in terms of toddler development, it’s helped Noah hugely: we had a family holiday with Nanny & Grandad and he started day nursery once a week – he is growing up and it feels, rather quick.

Noah Sentences

So we have learnt how to say how we do not want things now, for example, Noah will say “not go in the corner” when he doesn’t want something to go in the corner. I noticed this last week, he has never done it before, but it has made me realise that he is now thinking about things far differently than last month. He is very capable of explaining what he wants now and he is using far more descriptive words for things. Noah was jumping over my legs and he explained “Noah’s jumping over knee” and giggling. I think the giggling at comments has been a new addition this month too, he has learnt to be “funny” and he laughs at himself now if he thinks he has said something funny. We are still learning the word I and I’m, he speaks about himself in the third person, but the development of the rest of his sentences is coming along in leaps and bounds.



I suppose we are going to get a lot of this over the next few months, with various things, but Noah very randomly came out with “eleven” and “twelve” recently. I have no idea where he has learnt them from, it could be numtums, Nanna or Nanny – but I am guessing it is at Day Nursery. He knows they come after 10 and I was so shocked when he said them, I think I exploded with praise. He probably wondered what on earth was going on! I can’t help being excited about his achievements.

Potty Training

We have not had any luck with potty training this month, but he is getting more tolerant of poopy bum changes – he will tell us he has done a poop (when he is wearing pull ups) and he very rarely kicks up a fuss. The majority of the time he doesn’t like having poopy pants now, (who does?) so he wants it cleaned and he will tell us “clean bum please”. So I think we are on the right track, it will only be a matter of time and he will not want pull ups on. We still have the issue that he will simply “go” when he has trousers on, so we need to get him into the habit of actually taking his pants/trousers off to have a wee.



I have noticed that he is very creative in his playtime now and he has not played with his train track as much, it’s almost for special occasions now or when Grandad comes round to play. He loves his creative games, colouring and sticker books being his favourite request. He is forever doodling! I think we have a little budding artist on our hands, which isn’t surprising as his Mummy, Nanna and Auntie Charlotte are very nifty with a pencil. He likes to do things that make him think, puzzles and shape sorting is great for him and pushes him to think about what he is doing. He loves building with his bricks and his stackadoos.


Sibling Love

There are fewer occasions where he pushes her or wallops Isla (poor little princess), which is a good development and I think he is beginning to realise how is actions are effecting her. He threw something at her forehead the other week and Mummy & Daddy were not happy, he was told off and since then he is very forthcoming with the sorry’s and kisses better. He accidentally threw a toy at my big toe the other night and caught me off guard, so I screamed “ow” and he very promptly apologised and looked very sorry with it, so he is learning about his actions. On the other side to this though, they will sit and play happily together, more to the point play separately but in close proximity or with the same toys but not actually together – its a start but a promising one.


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Last Update: Tuesday, 9th July 2013