We are talking, counting, understanding and generally being a lot more “caring” – some sure signs that little man is growing up and growing into a good little boy. Don’t be fooled though: we still have tantrums!

Noah Sentences

We are very much in the realm of “copy what everyone says” and he will literally repeat chosen keywords and say them after you. It is a very random process, but he has come out with some great words lately, some of them make us chuckle and on the same token when we ask him to say a word, he will confidently repeat the word, even if it doesn’t sound exactly the same. We are still struggling to say our “S’s” and so things sound a little different for that reason, sorry sounds like “horry”, but strangely he can say sticker quite well.


We still love to count and will now count everything, he is very confident at counting to ten on his own now and he just loves his numbers. Endless mornings he wakes up and asks for Numtums or his number book, where he reads the numbers 1 – 10 whilst you watch him and reassure him that he is doing it correctly. He has started to say amounts of things now too, like “2 cars” or “3 ducks” which is a good sign that he is understanding how to talk about things, sometimes we even get “3 blue cars” – which I think is very clever!


Toddler Tantrums

Much the same as last month, they still happen, but they are happening less and less. If we say no to Noah, he will bang his head on the floor occasionally – he is slowly beginning to realise that that hurts though and now he doesn’t hit his head. So he just throws himself to the floor and lies face down. Usually we can prevent this by distracting him with something else, or not saying no and using other no type words. I will always go for the distract method and the only time I really say no to him is when he hits or pushes poor Isla. I ask him why he’s hurt poor Isla and tell him that it is very bad, he usually cries at that point – but he refuses to say sorry. He will freely say sorry when he accidentally hurts her though!!


He has a new kitchen and he loves it. He plays with it all day, first thing he does in the morning is makes Mummy & Daddy, not forgetting Isla, a cup of tea and will sit and watch you whilst you drink and thoroughly enjoy his tea. He then takes the cup away from you and off he goes to do something else. I have noticed that he gets the teapot and puts it in the microwave, waits a little while and then pours his drink in to the cups, whilst all the time talking away to himself. Its a great display of imagination and the fact that he has picked up from us, maybe when we heat his milk up that we microwave it, fascinating watching him play. He has a new found love for his Happyland world too and daily he builds his “track” and plays with his train – he is most happy when playing with this set and this is something that Isla cannot play at the moment. Noah doesn’t share his train very well! I noticed yesterday that when he was colouring in Daddy, he was actually colouring within the lines, which I was really amazed at. He is growing up fast and learning so much, its amazing how his play has developed over the past 4 weeks.


Potty Training

We are now starting to think about potty training, he is getting the idea of what poop and wee is and he is very conscious of the act and how his nappy is afterwards for example. We let him have naked bum time the other night after his morning shower with Daddy, he did a nice poop in the middle of his bedroom floor and told me he had done it afterwards. So he is aware of what it is and not afraid to go without a nappy on, which is a good sign. I am going to tackle the potty training properly though, pull ups at the ready for night times and plenty of pants washed and raring to go for the daytime. Sticker books and posters and a little area for the potty to live until we get it up to the bathroom. The fun will begin at the start of May, fingers crossed.

Sibling Love

They still have moments when playing, Noah will occasionally push her over, out of the way or throw a toy at her because he wants to play with them on his own. My grandma made a good point the other week about how we treat Noah around our possessions like mobiles and laptops, they are our belongings and we tell Noah “No, this is mummy’s laptop” and I usually give him an alternative toy to play with. He has started doing this with Isla now, so the hitting is less and less, he will say “No Isla” and pass her a different toy. Isla is slowly learning when she can play and when she has to find other things to do. Bless them. They have morning and evening special sibling time together now, it is really sweet, Noah wakes up and asks to see Isla and he goes into her room and climbs into her cot with her and they sit there for 15 minutes gibbering away to each other  Then after bath in the evening, they have half an hour in Noah’s room playing, or usually jumping on the bed together. All you can hear is giggling and silly noises, it is really sweet to watch and hear. They love each other dearly, you can see it in their smiles and here it in their little tiny voices.


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Last Update: Tuesday, 9th April 2013