With only a month to go until the little lady is a whole 1 years old, we are making the most out of her being a “baby”. She still looks far too tiny to be classed a toddler – but I suppose the inevitable is going to happen. 


She loves playing peekaboo still, she really gets into it now and sways her body and cocks her head to the side to get to see you before you see her, its really funny – as her face just lights up the room when you spot her. She has started baby gargling when she plays now and when looking for Daddy there is a definite “Da Da Da” mixed into the game. She has a great bouncing game that she loves to play on Noah’s bed, just before they both go to bed. They giggle and bounce and talk baby gaga to eachother whilst being silly together, I have no idea what they are doing, they are completely in their own little world – but I love it that they have something together, something that no one else will ever be part of.


We were doing great until last weekend and Isla came down with a poorly tummy bug, food hasn’t been her priority the past few days. But she is very good with her food, she will try anything you give to her, she still loves her finger foods best as she doesn’t get frustrated if you are too slow. She loves anything that Noah has, if Noah has an afternoon treat – Isla has to have a treat. She clocks on to him eating, even if I try my best to hide his snack, she is there, like a shooting star! She is still not particularly good at drinking water, before she got ill she would turn her nose up to anything except milk and so getting drinks into her little body can be quite frustrating – but she has drunk a lot of water recently and I am hoping that it will continue when she’s better.


She has 6 teeth and boy is this 6th one causing a cafuffle, she has had her tummy bug on top of cutting number 6 and it hasn’t been nice for her. The other teeth are getting really big, it wont be long before they are the size of Noah’s and she is munching her way through lots of yummy foods. Her 2 top teeth are getting really big, she looks so different with them, I can’t believe how much they change when they get teeth.


We have taken lots of steps over the past few weeks, Easter weekend she was toddling about 5/6 steps at a time. She will confidently go from a piece of furniture to the next and let go and she looks back at you, as if to say “Look at me go Mummy”. I love her, “Yes I have done it” face – she really does have a very expressive face and totally lights up when she realises what she’s doing is new and good and WOW like Noah. I am starting to walk with her more and more and trying not to use 2 hands, letting her hold on with one hand and getting her to practice balancing and putting more weight on her feet.


Isla loves her brother, everyday you can see her wanting to do more with him, be with him more and just the look in her eye is adorable when she see’s him. They still enjoy their after bath time together in Noah’s room, where they play games and play with the toys and when Isla starts to understand story time – it will be so cute to read them bedtime stories together. Isla likes to rip the pages out of her stories at the moment, but Noah doesn’t seem to mind too much. They have their own little language, I don’t know if any other parents found that with their children, but they talk to eachother and I have no idea what they are saying, but they seem to understand one another. Amazing little people, they fascinate me, the way they play – or don’t play, the way that Isla curbs her behaviour based on what Noah is doing or the mood he is in. They moulded around eachother quite nicely, considering Noah was quite young when we had Isla, but I know they will be close growing up – which we thought was really important.


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Last Update: Wednesday, 10th April 2013